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Feb 1, 2009 08:27 AM

Taberna, Bridgeport CT

How is this place?

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  1. Another chowhounder gave it a thumbs up recently. Here is the link:

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      The above link took me someplace strange! Try this one. Also, is this place owned by the people who own La Paella in Norwalk? We went there for the first time this weekend and thought it was very tasty, we had all tapas.

      1. re: sibeats

        Yes, it is the sister restaurant to La Paella in Norwalk.

    2. Ate in the bar with two friends a couple weeks ago, and it was very good. We shared three tapas (stuffed piquillo peppers, baked goats cheese in fresh tomatoes and basil sauce, and beef carpaccio) and then split a large Classic paella. Everything was very good - in particular I'd highly recommend the peppers and goat cheese tapas. My one complaint was that there was no soccarat in the paella. It was still delicious, but missing the best part!

      FYI - we are going back again tomorrow (Saturday) and this time bringing the wives with us. I'll post a report.

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        get the calamari a la plancha (grilled) it's my favorite dish there. the food is good because the chef is co owner and he is always there.

      2. We went last night (Tuesday) it was very quiet. We sat at the bar and had a great bottle of Albarino, our bartender (Estelle I think) was very nice an answered our questions. We had the calamari ala plancha, anchovies, broccoli rabe and spanish sausage in red wine...all very good. The best though was the creme brule, we asked for it to be served warm and were happily indulged, it was the highlight of the evening. We highly recommend asking for it this way, although I'm not sure that the chef will be pleased about it! Delicious!

        1. it's great. Food is really good and presented beautifully. Gracious and accomodating service to boot. Like others, I loved the stuffed piquillo peppers. Everything else we tried was great as well.

          1. It's restaurant week in Bpt. this week and Taberna is offering free app. w/entree purchase. I just may try it out. A fellow diner at Ola in Orange said Taberna's paella was better. Comments/reviews? I thought the paella at Ola was fantastic (the one with the shrimp).

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              have been to both Ola and Taberna many times - Personally, I like the paella at Ola more. They really are different styles though - Ola is lots of seafood and a limited amount of rice, whereas Taberna's is heavier on the rice. Both very good renditions though.