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Feb 1, 2009 07:28 AM

Green Coconut Recipe for Latin Am. Dinner

Ok, I have never bought and cooked with a whole coconut before. I am planning to make a Yucatan coconut pie (Rick Bayless, My Mexican Kitchen), so when I was at the latin grocery I saw these neatly pealed and ready to go coconuts, and figured GREAT, that looks easier than the big brown ones. Well, Ok, so now I know that those are green coconuts. Plenty of milk, very little flesh. And the flesh is more of a jelly, and not as strong flavored.

I am off to buy a brown coconut now to make the pie. But, Now I have all this extra milk and the coconut jelly. Any ideas what to do with it for a latin american dinner (mostly mexican)? All the recipes I am finding are for drinks (every one is already bringing wine) or curry.


(FYI, here is the menu, just for the fun of it)

Tostones and tortilla chips with mojo and salsas

Tongue Estofado
Huitlacoche and squash salad

Cactus Soup

Chicken in Veracruz Mole (Tlatonile de Pollo)
Green Rice (Arroz Verde)

Yucatan Coconut Pie

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  1. well, just opened up a cookbook for a different recipe, and found a Colombian tuna ceviche recipe calling for coconut milk and cream (condensed). I am thinking of going with shrimp and adding the coconut jelly as well, diced. Think the texture of the jelly and shrimp will be better than jelly and tuna. So, would still love to hear other ideas tough.

    Recipe from Bistro Latino, Rafael Palomino

    1# tuna
    Juice from 6 limes
    2 tsps horseradish (may leave out, or replace with wasabi on the side)
    2 tsps fresh ginger
    1 cup pineapple
    1 cup coconut milk
    3/4 cup coconut cream (condensed/sweetened)
    1 tsps chipoltle puree