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Feb 1, 2009 07:23 AM

Fried Calamari, C town Country Market Eastchester

I was picking up a few things yesterday, just as I was passing the deli counter a big tray of fried calamari was being put out. What was special was these were small, whole and still warm. I picked some up very, very good.

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  1. Is this the one on 22 or the one in Chester Heights?

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    1. re: roxlet

      It was the store on 22 in Eastchester

      1. re: chowdom

        I'll keep my eye open for those next time I'm there. I really like that store -- it's a bit quirky and it doesn't have things you expect, but some unusual and different things...

        1. re: roxlet

          I agree with you I shop there on a fairly regular basis for certain items, but this is the first time I saw the calamari. I wonder if it was a special item for the Superbowl. I'll ask next time I'm there.

    2. The CTown on 22 is not part of the other CTown markets in the area...those are De Cicco...the one on 22 is CTown County Market. This one has a great chef who makes phenomenal food whether it's for dinner tonight or a catered party. I've been told that they recently expaneded their kitchen facility as well as adding more personnel. The chicken pot pies are the best. The guys in that deli department are the great. They are always open to suggestions and to making new entrees for the public as well as cutting the best cold cuts in town. Hope you will all try them sometime.