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Feb 1, 2009 06:11 AM

Breakfast/Brunch in Delray? West Palm Beach?

I'm running a race in West Palm Beach on Valentines Day (a Saturday) in the morning. I'd like to take my grandmother to a nice breakfast/brunch afterwards. Delray would be best but West Palm might also be ok. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. John G's right on the water in West Palm is a great place for breakfast or brunch.. Fabulous french toast, omelets etc. usually a line but worth the wait.

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      I think you mean Lake Worth, by the pier/boardwalk.

    2. Luna Rosa has a good brunch, also a line this time of year.

      1. "Nice" as in fancy or just some good food? (If you can't clean up after the race you might want to be careful where you go :-) )

        The view from Benny's on the Beach at Lake Worth Pier is fabulous - you are almost dining IN the ocean. Many rave about John G's but I recently had an excellent breakfast at Benny's and there was no crazy waiting line.

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            1. I agree. John G's or Bennys. If you're looking between West Palm and Delray, this nails that b/c they're both exactly in the middle(both on the same block). Benny's definitely wins the view catagory being directly ON the ocean. John G's probably has the edge in food. You won't wait as long at Benny's, if at all, and the parking is more convenient. Taking into consideration, my choice is usually Benny's. To throw in some others, there is also Paris (French Bakery) just off of Clematis and Howley's (Diner) off of Dixie, both in West Palm.

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              1. Take your Grandmother to the Sundy House for breakfast/brunch. Then take her arm and walk her through the gardens, she will be in absolute heaven. It is the most restful, peaceful, beautiful spot in the area. They have an incredible brunch on Sundays, I'm not sure if they do it on Saturdays, but their food is always delicious. Ask to sit in the room that overlooks the ponds.

                Sundy House
                106 S. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33444

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                  I too highly recommend Sundy House. They have valet parking so you can be dropped off right in the front and the grounds are beautiful. If it is nice out and not too cold they have outdoor seating around the gardens.