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Feb 1, 2009 06:10 AM

Wong Gee in Wheaton

The owner of this new restaurant said she used to own Eat First, sold it and opened Wong Gee, The reviews that I have read do not give it stellar marks but; I had wonderful hot sour soup and what they called baked bean curd with spicy salt. In my mind fried bean curd but none the less wonderful. Maybe some of the problems may be language. My husband got kung pao chicken and their cooking was different but, good; had green pepper in it.
The barbecued meats looked and smelled wonderful and people who seemed to know the owner were buying that,

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  1. We go to Full Key's every week so when this new place opened up, we were eager to give it a try. I waited a few weeks for their operations to get into gear before I went in by myself. I ordered a Congee, BBQ duck and a stirred fried veggie. The congee was tasteless. I could make much better congee than this. BBQ duck is pretty standard. It's not too salty, so it's nice. Nothing impressive. Stirred fried veggie is standard also. So when I asked the waitress why their cantonese item was so tasteless and she said the chef is not Cantonese and they just have "somebody" make the congees. Yes their price is cheaper and portions larger, but I've never gone back again. Sorry to say business is bad for both Wong Gee and Full Key now.

    1. Went to Wong Gee's last weekend with three locals who eat out a good deal---my sister and a couple who are friends of hers. We all thought that their food was quite tasty. I'll describe the dishes since I can not recall their names and can't find an online menu. I tried Gongee with fish since I had never had congee before. It's a bland rice soup/broth. The fish was fresh. Now that I know what it tastes like I won't order it again because it's just not interesting enough. Plate of baby bok choy was very good. Shrimp in a tasty tempura was very good and we got a good amount of shrimp. Grouper with pea pods was very good as was salty fried octopus. We also had another dish with fresh fish and vegetables that was very good. I know this is not alot of help with the specifics but just wanted to say that the food was all good and all of us would return.