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Feb 1, 2009 06:08 AM

Best Brunch - Midtown

We are visiting the city the end of February to celebrate a 40th birthday. We have our restaurants selected for dinner, we need a place for brunch on Sunday. We would like a place that is not a prefix, but will take suggestions if it is good.

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  1. Aquavit offers an excellent Sunday brunch smorgasbord. The cost is $48. Well worth it, especially if you love herring and smoked fish.

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      thanks... sounds wonderful!

    2. My favorite is Artisinal--the 24.07 prix fix is great or ala carte--so many choices and very yummy. At peak times, a bit zooey but I like to ignore and sit back and people watch (32nd between Mad and Park).

      1. Beacon is beautiful, relaxing, and has a number of interesting brunch choices, both breakfast- and lunch-oriented. Nice for a special celebration.

        1. Marseille has a decent brunch and you can make a reservation as well.