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Feb 1, 2009 05:39 AM

Savoury oatmeal ?

Just finished a bowl of Irish oatmeal, along with some yogurt, almonds and was pretty good, but I lean more towards the savory, rather than sweet for breakfast on most I'm wondering if anyone has any savory preps for oatmeal for breakfast ?

I've seen , but not tried, Brotchan, so I know oats are used in this way..


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  1. Are you thinking of porridge, or some other savoury oats preparation such as oatcakes? I certainly do it savoury, with herbs, you can keep the almonds (I'd sliver them and toast them), plain yoghourt or cheese. And onions!

    An old recipe for savoury porridge and other breakfasty savouries (I share your savoury inclinations):

    1. I've often made oatmeal with chicken or beef broth, and it is quite good. And, though it is not oatmeal, Patricia Wells has a recipe for a beef daube which she serves over bay-scented semolina (cream of wheat). So I'd suggest that if you use broth in cooking it, stick in a bay leaf or your favorite herb.

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        Oatmeal made with chicken broth is my usual breakfast. Sometimes I add a bit of leftover roast chicken, thinly sliced, or other protein. I really prefer savory oatmeal to sweet especially in the morning.....

      2. This may be totally gross to everyone but me, but I like it: Oatmeal (not cooked overly creamy), fried egg sunny side up, a couple splashes of soy sauce (or even Sirracha). Combine, mix, consume. :)

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          I think my husband would really like that, actually. We've been eating a lot of oatmeal, and he's finally bored of the brown sugar. He suggested we throw some sesame roasted seaweed in it tomorrow. We'll see.

        2. You might like taking some diced bacon pieces and browning them until fat is rendered then adding about a third cup of rolled oats and cooking all together to brown the oats. Add about a cup and a half (more or less, depending on how thick you like it) of beef or chicken stock along with herbs/spices of choice and cover to simmer about half an hour to 45 minutes. It's good as a soup or porridge, depending on the ratio of oats/stock you elect to use.

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            I never thought of browning the oats. I have to try that.

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              My daughter put bacon in her oatmeal this weekend. But it was sweet oatmeal.

            2. I love savory oatmeal. My mother, who always thought that oatmeal was an American version of Chinese rice porridge would make it for me with fish sauce and a scrambled egg drizzled in it while it was cooking so that it was like egg-drop soup.

              I mostly eat steel cut oats savory nowadays.

              I like it with some chopped kalamata olives, a splash of olive oil, a splash of maggi sauce (or just plain soy sauce), topped with chopped green onion.

              Today I had the oats with a splash of maggi sauce, a splash of toasted sesame oil, a handful of Vietnamese fried crispy shallots, and a poached egg on top.