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Feb 1, 2009 05:22 AM

Singapore and Kuala Lumpur recommendations?

Hi. We are going to be visiting Singapore for a week in April '09 and hope to squeeze in a one-day visit to KL. Please suggest not-too-expensive places to eat Chinese, Malay, Nonya, Indian. We enjoy really spicy food.

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  1. Sorry for posting this on the wrong board, I should have looked at the Greater Asia board!

    1. Ask locals when you arrive, and look for busy places that are clean. Singapore and Malaysia have effective health boards (possibly the most effective in the region), so you can eat virtually anything you see. We spent two weeks in S. and M. last fall and enjoyed the hawkers in Singapore, along with the locals. Bring your own tissues for napkins!

      1. It depends on where you are staying megirl. I would assume that for Singapore, you would be staying in Town which is arounf Orchard Area. The only thing that you need to do is to take the MRT. Take note of these few stations and you would be able to taste all the food -the fact is in town there are numerous food courts where you have access to local food but the hawker center is really good.

        1. Take the MRT to Bugis Junction and ask for direction to the hawker center which is 5 minutes walk, they have huge variety, the Wanton Mee there is great!
        2. Take MRT to Paya Lebar and ask for direction to Haig Road Hawker center, try the Satay and Indian Rojak, cheap and good!
        3. Take MRT to Aljunied MRT, walk down to Geylang about 5 minutes walk. Once there, you can try the "Tua Hua", the popiah and many other things. The beef noodles is especially good!
        Hope this helps.


        1. In Singapore you should go to Little India and try Apolo Banana Leaf off Race Course Road although I think Banana Leaf in KL is better at Vishals in Brickfields. Chili Crab is also a not to miss Singapore treat ( i like Black or White pepper crab better though ) East Coast Seafood is a good place to try it . Maxwell Street Hawker Center is good .. chicken rice or fried carrot cake is good ( probably not what you think it is) and oyster omelete is not to be missed. There is also a "best of " hawker food stalls called Gluttons Bay in Marina Bay but it is a bit contrived but will give you a good sample of SG hawker food ( it was put together by local food guide makan sutra - which is a good guide to good food. . In my opinon, food in Malaysia is better than in Singapore.. but it is a very very fine line.

          One day in KL is probably not enough- it is so different than Singapore ..but you should stop in Melaka ( Malacca ) for Nyona/perenakan food.. go to Jonker Street on Friday night for a nice pasar malam ( night market) to try street food. I'd recommend staying near that anyway as it is a good place for a short trip and you can walk around and find good food- there also is the portugese settlement for seafood- but you will need to drive/taxi there. As far as KL .. Jalan Alor ( off Bukit Bintang ) is the place to go for cheap good eats.. it is only at night and is really great street food with tables.. every knows where it is. If you want to make sure your food is spicy just ask for some chili padi. Other than that great places to stop are local mamaks- 24 hr open eateries that serve many types of dishes.. you can't miss them . but they are nice for taking a break & having some teh tarik - Sorry but could go on and on for pages with good places to eat in KL .. but the best rule of thumb around here.. is if there is a long queue.. the food is good. and don't be afraid to ask strangers where the best whatever you want is.. everyone over here is food obsessed..