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Feb 1, 2009 05:10 AM

Roasting pan - non-stick or stainless?

I'm in the market for a new roaster. Recommendations for material, specific brands and the perfect are appreciated!

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  1. DO NOT get a non-stick roasting pan.

    DO however look for a stainless steel roaster and preferably one that is clad in aluminum. AllClad makes a nice one but Calphalon makes a tri-ply stainless roaster that works just as well and costs much less. I believe America's Test Kitchen highly recommends the Calphalon stainless roaster.

    I wouldn't look any further than here:

    1. I second HaagenDazs and would not get a non-stick one.

      You could also insert a roasting rack into a cookware you already own provided that it is wide enough to accomodate. I personally was thinking of getting the AllClad 6 qt French Braiser at Williams-Sonoma ( that comes with an elevated rack in it. I don't have a saute pan or roasting rack and the braiser would make a great saute pan (minus the handle but that's what I want for easier storage) and the rack would allow me to roast things in it without always cutting up mirepoire to elevate my product. So you could consider other items "outside the box" unless what you typically roast requires the usual size of most roasting racks, like turkeys.

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        I agree. I frequently use my roasting rack over different pans. You can find roasting racks all over the place. I just saw a stainless steel rack at my local Lowe's store.

        The actual roasting pan itself is rather large. Large is good for things like turkey but is sometimes unnecessary and even unwieldy at times because of it's size.

      2. stainless is the way to go. don't get non-stick. i have the all clad one - i got it on sale - but it is quite large. A regular sized chicken looks a bit ridiculous in it.

        1. Stainless. Our most used one these days was from Ikea for $10, as it's tiny but is perfect for chicken, beef, or pork roasts up to 8lbs.

          1. We have non-stick and we have stainless, and I don't like to use the non-stick ones unless I can't avoid it and particularly need that size. The non-stick roasting pans never seem to get clean -- there is always a slightly greasy feel to them. I recently received the Mario Batali lasagna pan, which is enamel over cast iron, and I've used that to roast a few things. It worked as well as anything else.