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Feb 1, 2009 04:00 AM

Sun Guang Bakery in Malden

I think this is the bakery I am thinkg about. Went to a party last night, and there was a cake from an Asian bakery on Main Street in Malden, and this is the only one I could find on line. The cake was wonderful. It was a two layer white cake , with a whipped cream frosting, and was decorated with fresh fruit. The cake was moist, and was not too sweet. And it was so pretty with the fruit decorations ( fruit between the layers, too). Just looking to see if anyone has tried it, and what else they may offer. Cant find any info or menus on line. TIA

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  1. I used to go quasi-regularly in the morning and have posted about their offerings before. Savory selection is limited to baked buns: bbq pork, ground beef, bacon & scalion, and hot dog. I think they are still 75c and served from a warming oven. The beef (not much seasoning beyond s&p, broth, and can be soggy) and bacon/scallion I prefer, but its a toss-up. Glaze makes all of them sweet. No weekday specials ever, haven't noticed weekend either. Its cheaper and fresher than Converse or DD. Passed a bit on sweet stuff since I went mornings, but what I have had (and I beliene Fuloon gives out sweets from there based on appearance) its pretty comp to Chinatown but with not quite as much selection but still good for the size.

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      Thanks. Will dig out your posts- could't find them with a quick search. The cake was really good- my SIL called is a "grown up cake" as it was not as sweet as a traditional bakery cake- but the kids wolfed it soen, too. Such a pretty cake,too! Will have to check it out.

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        I have a friend that lives in Malden and have had that cake a number of times. It is really great, so light. It doesn't seem Chinese at all, but I'm guessing it is come type of Chinese-American concoction as it is available in Chinatown, too.

        1. re: pemma

          It's standard Chinese take on Western cakes. Chinese palettes usually do not favor overly sweet items, so cakes are usually much lighter in taste and none of that sugar-overdosing frosting. If you walk into bakeries in Hong Kong or Taiwan, it's the same deal.

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            I am not a big dessert lover, and I did not know this- but I think this will be my go to place for cakes, as you are right, there was no overdosing on sugar.