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Feb 1, 2009 03:34 AM

February 2009 COTM: A New Way to Cook by Sally Schneider

Welcome to the links thread for the February 2009 Cookbook of the Month. You may wish to bookmark this thread for future reference, as it contains links to all the other threads for these cookbooks.

Instead of having another thread for general discussion, recipe planning, links, and previous picks and pans, let's use this one. I'll copy over the links posted earlier, as well as some additional ones. Others are welcome of course to post more links.

Here are the links for the threads for the full length recipe reviews.

Vegetables & Beans and Other Legumes

Pasta and Grains

Fish and Shellfish

Poultry and Meats

Quick Breads from Pizza to Pancakes

Soups & Salads


Flavor Catalysts

Happy Cooking, and many thanks to Foxy Fairy for taking over from here!
Thanks also to the many fellow cooks out there who make this project such a joy.

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  1. Some useful links:

    A thread started awhile back by The Dairy Queen on Sally Schneider

    Also, her website with some recipes,

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    1. re: MMRuth

      So, I think I'm going to try that corn soup again tonight.

      Which recipes are calling to everyone else?


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Tonight I've planned to make a pasta dish with garlic, and anchovies, fried in EVOO with red pepper flakes. I think it's on page 58 or there abouts... It's really a good ole aglio olio but I want to see what's diffferent in her version. I probably will add the sage she mentions as a variation. Monday night is usually macaroni night here but I wanted to do something other than a red sauce. One of her salads will finish the meal.

        1. re: Gio

          Oooh, that sound weeknight worthy! I can't wait to hear how you like it!


          1. re: Gio

            BTW: The recipe is on page 124.. not the page I posted. I'll report on the COTM thread ASAP.... the dish was Very Tasty!!

          2. re: The Dairy Queen

            Well, I mentioned in the other thread that I wanted to make the turkey burgers, but I'll probably wing it on how much of the apple mixture needs to go in. I'm thinking those will be great with sweet potato fries (my favorite!)! I also want to make the baked beans at some point. I also am intrigued by her use of ancho chiles in smoking, so I might have to talk the husband about doing that at some point.

            1. re: Katie Nell

              Oh, I just bought some lean ground turkey (on sale) and popped it in the freezer. Maybe I should defrost that for tomorrow. I love sweet potato fries--I agree, it sounds like they would go perfectly!


        2. Lucky me, my household is on a new vegetarian no flour no sugar eating plan and I'm getting a lot of new ideas from this book.

          I have bookmarked-
          Ginger Lentil Soup
          Steamed Leeks Vinaigrette
          Greens with Currants and Pine Nuts
          Hummus (thx to Rubee's report)
          French Winter Vegetable Soup
          Beans and Wild Mushrooms in Fennel Broth
          Farro Salad
          Chayote Salad
          Carrots in Chermoula
          Pumpkin Seed Sauce

          1. I recommend her earlier book, Improvisational Cook, too--not only inspirational, it has a lot of v. good recipes.