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Feb 1, 2009 02:54 AM

Try Route 100 in Yonkers!

Went there last night and loved it. It used to be Pasta and Pesce. The spsce is really pretty and the service is great. There's a nice wine list, inluding wines by the glass. My husband had a Kobe beef burger that he said was the best burger he's ever eaten (and he's eaten a lot of burgers). The sweet potato fries were amazing too. And the prices are reasonable. I really hope this place does well.

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  1. Sounds good, but where exactly is it?

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      Had posted this in another thread:
      The Chef of Tango Grill (Chef Hector Avila) opened up a new place Route 100 Wine & Grill at 2211 CPA, Yonkers. Menue refered to American-Global.
      If not yet a thread, will start one.
      At the Route 100 Wine Bar & Grill, 2211 Central Park Ave., Yonkers (779-2222), the new hotspot opened by talented Chef Hector Avila of the highly regarded Tango Grill in White Plains, a reasonably priced menu of delectable American-global specialties is served in a handsomely redesigned dining room and bar/lounge (formerly Pasta e Pesce). It’s a great stopover during a shopping flight down Central Ave. or a visit to the movies and is made most inviting as well by manager Harry Moran and his staff. Open seven days. Free parking.

      Avila has opened a new hotspot, Route 100 Wine Bar & Grill (2211 Central Park Ave., Yonkers; 779-2222). The new venture offers a reasonably priced menu of delectable American-global specialties served in a handsomely redesigned dining room and bar/lounge (formerly Pasta e Pesce). It’s a great stopover before or after that holiday shopping flight down Central Avenue and is made most inviting as well by Manager Harry Moran and his staff. We recently enjoyed a wonderful tasting of delectable finger foods: fresh house-made Chicken Wings, teriyaki and Buffalo style; loaded Spring Rolls; large rings of tender Fried Calamari served with marinara and tartar sauce; and fresh Seafood Cakes plump with shrimp, scallops, tilapia and crab meat served with chipotle sauce. Main courses run the gamut from juicy burgers to Fish & Chips and Route 100 Flat Iron Steak topped with sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, and sausage. A great wine selection is offered by the glass daily, and a good Happy Hour is offered from 4:00 to 7:00 daily, including complimentary appetizers. Open seven days. Free parking.

    2. My wife and I go out for dinner on Super Bowl Sunday. I never bother with reservations, since every place we've ever gone to is practically empty. Last night it was Route 100 Wine Bar & Grill; there were us, one other table, and a guy at the bar.

      We weren't hungry, so we just had some corn chowder, a seafood cake, a chicken Caesar salad, one glass of wine (each), and a creme brulee. Everything was well made, tasty, and appropriately priced.

      As some of you may know, this is not a fancy location, in a strip with Ribs on the Run and some such modest establishments, across the street from another modest strip. The interior, however, is nicely appointed and, given its precise location in the strip, does not suffer from cars pulling right up to the windows (no spaces there) nor from immediate foot traffic (nothing reachable past it). Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and my wife expressed interest in taking other people there, which I took to be high praise.

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      1. re: rpk

        I was wondering whatever happened to Pasta and Pesce, one of our favorites for cheap, reliable Italian..can't wait to try Rt. 100~!

        1. re: christinepierce

          I'm glad the seafood cake was good. Because I was thinking of trying it the next time I go. and everything is available for take-out.

      2. After hearing about this place on Chowhound - decided to try it last night. My husband and I were very impressed. I have been searching for a casual place that serves a great burger and I was not disappointed. Route 100's version was a nice size, well-cooked, juicy and very good and came on a nice kaiser-type roll that was soft enough to bite into. The burger comes with fries (for just $8) - but I opted for the sweet potato fries upgrade (add $1.50). Very large portion and very tasty. My husband had the chicken panini and was also very pleased.

        The owner stopped by as we were finishing to thank us for coming in. He told us that he had signed the lease on the place a year ago and despite the horrible economy decided to go ahead and open. It was about 1/3 full on a Saturday night. I hope more people try it - it was very reasonable and very good. The burgers are excellent and the decor is far superior to other burger places in Westchester. They also have a well rounded menu of steaks, fish and chicken if you aren't looking for burgers. The only drawback, in my opinion, was the view from the large plate glass windows in front of the CVS across the street. Perhaps the management will think to draw the curtains at night.

        That said - give it a try. We need to patronize decent, well-priced places in this county. God knows there are very few.

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        1. re: demifast

          A friend and I decided to give Route 100 a try last night. We both truly enjoyed the atmosphere, food and what a great wine list! We had a very good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc at a most reasonable price. I ordered the steak sandwich (excellent) and she had the Chicken Panini, also very good. We shared the Spring Roll as an appetizer and both were pleasantly surprised. We will be back. The owner from Tango Grille was very friendly and attentive too. A must try.

          1. re: sallyposs

            We had a great first experience there. The food is pretty good. They actually cooked the skirts steak medium rare (try doing that consistently). The flavor was good. It was a dry seasoning, which was fine. I'm used to more of a maranaide, but my random expectations are not their fault. Their wine list is a lot of fun. Many bottles by the glass and a strong south american selection. They give me three or four tastes of different wines to help me choose; and this is for bottles that are generally between 20 and 40 bucks. One of the owners was there and was genuinely interested in how we were doing and receiving feedback. There was a humility to the man and a passion for what he was doing. The price point was also really appreciated. They are one of the few that don't punish a person. $25 for a steak is hard to find in these parts. We need more like this.

        2. Had dinner last night at Route 100 with the wife. I had the steak sandwich with sweet potato both were really good, my wife had the chicken Mediterranean which she said was outstanding. I know that she really liked it because she always leaves food over when she eats and this time she cleaned her plate. We had drinks to she had a glass of Chianti and I had a Martini. We will definitely return and wish good luck to the owners in these tough economic times.

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          1. re: gbeats

            Thanks to all those who posted on this board I checked it out last night for dinner.
            I ordered the Tuna Tartare and my wife had the onion soup for starters.
            The tuna was chunks of sushi grade tuna, very fresh, with slices of avocado served on
            a bed of seaweed. The soy based sauce that accompanied it was very good. Overall one of the better Tartares I ever had. My wife was also very pleased with the soup. Since I'm a big fan of the skirt steak from Tango Grill, I thought I'd try it there. The steak was defintely on par with the other restaurant.. Well seasoned and delicious. It comes with peppers and onion and really delicious wasabi mashed potatoes. My wife had the jambalaya
            and was very happy with it. I had a glass of Cabernet and a Montepulciano and they were both very good. The decor was very nice, although I think as another person pointed out, they should draw the curtains so the view of Nathans and CVS is hidden.
            The host could not have been more gracious. There is one thing that bothers me
            about the restaurant and that's the name. When I think of Route 100, I think of a bar
            and burger place like Route 66 in Armonk. The restaurant is way too good for that name.
            But that's a small point. The food, service and decor are all worth visiting. I'm already
            planning to return next weekend. Thanks again for the recommendation.

          2. I have no review, but I was told. Steak, percectly cooked, for a reasonable price. Sounds good

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              I went for the second time last night and, again, it was excellent. I was happy to see that busness seems to be picking up.