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February 2009 - Grocery Outlet

San Pablo

99 cents - Lindt Excellence Madagascar 70% cocoa chocolate 3.5 oz bar
99 cents - Lindt Swiss bittersweet dark chocolate
$1.99 - Fresh blueberries from Chile 6oz. Very good condition and good flavor
99 cents - Philly cream cheese 8 oz
99 cents - Discover Cuisine frozen chipotle chicken and Mexican style rice 12 oz
99 cents - Discover Cuisine frozen sweet pepper beef and broccoli with white rice 12 oz
$1.79 for a box of 6 frozen 3 oz. bars of Helados Mexico. There is strawberry now
$1.49 - Haagen Daaz sticky pudding ... or something like that
79 cents - Del Monte traditional spaghetti sauce 26 1/2 oz

Deals of the week?

99 cents 12 oz frozen wild Pollock
$3.49 1.25 lbs frozen wild Pacific salmon

There are lots of deals for fruit such as pears, apples, oranges, strawberies

I won't give the prices on those since they seem to vary across stores. I took a friend shopping at GO and almost across the board, the prices at San Pablo for the produce was 50 cents more than at the Oakland store.

For example, Oakland had some wonderful looking fresh cauliflower for 99 cents a head. At the San Pablo store it was $1.49 and not as nice looking. Oakland had a larger variety of apples pink ladies, gala, rome, fuji, granny smith ... maybe others. Three pound bags were $1.50 - $1.99

Also in oakland

99 cents Organic flatbread crackers from Italy- plain, rosemary ... red pepper, I think.

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  1. from Oaktown:

    99 cents - Lindt Swiss bittersweet dark chocolate and another mint flavored one
    1.49 - Heinz Polish dill spears
    1.49- Marie Callender's house salad dressing
    2.49- Christopher Ranch minced garlic in water
    3 / $1 green bell peppers (yellows and reds were 2 / $1)

    2.49- St Ives apricot facial scrub (14 oz)
    99 cents - Love My Carpet (14 oz) carpet deodorizer

    2.99 Salmon Harbor Merlot (Washington St)

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      Oakland also had Alter Eco fair trade bars in three flavors for 99 cents (3.5 ounces).

    2. That Discover Cuisine chipotle chicken was actually pretty good (in the context of frozen entrees). Well worth 99 cents if you buy/eat that type of thing.

      1. I think the Hagen-Dasz flavor is probably "sticky toffee pudding."

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        1. re: jlafler

          Yep, that is it. Berkeley has it

          Berkeley has Sonoma Snacks cheese cubes garlic jack or pesto jack 99 cents for an eight oz bag. For some reason the other flavors are $1.99. The exp date is apr 20 2009, so no real reason I can determine. I had both flavors a while back and liked the garlic. The pesto I wouldn't take for free. There was a bitter, unpleasant taste to it.

          If you have absolutely no standards for English muffins there were 12 for $1.69

          Driving to Napa on Sunday I noticed the Vallejo store finally moved ... actually they moved Oct 29th. So I stopped by. Here's what they had

          $1.29 Frozen edame pods ... is that a better price than TJ's?
          $1.49 Frozen shelled edame
          99 cents Lindt Excellence 85% cocoa extra dark choclate bar
          99 cents Gallo pepperoni
          50 cents 3 oz can Deep Cove Albacore solid white tuna

          The new store is nicer with more room. The shopping carts all match and say Grocery Outlet. There is a special stand alone cheese section like Berkeley. They seem to be upgrading their wine selection ... a real negative in the past with the Vallejo location. It always had the least selection.

          BUT ... as I suspected all this comes with a cost. Prices are sometimes higher here. It was interesting since in a three day period I happened to visit Oakland, San Pablo and Berkeley stores too. The prices vary throughout the stores Usually San Pablo has the lowest prices ... please GO ... don't remodel it ... I love low prices and funky shopping carts ... if it means lower prices.

          Oakland's advantage is the best bread selection, olive oil at good prices and a good wine selection. Usually there's some good brand of vodka there.

          Berkeley usually has the best cheese selection

          As mentioned, SP usually has the least expensive prices and there are often markdowns. I got a box of Nutritious Living Antioxidant Indulgence cereal with strawberries, goji berries, dark chocolate marked down to 99 cents. It is not bad with milk ... the chocolate turns the milk chocolate.

          The advantage of Vallejo at the old location is that they had more gourmet specialty items than the other stores ... things like jarred peppers, mustards, etc. I'm not really seeing that at the new location but they still seem to be in the mode of setting up.

          For some reason Vallejo had fliers out for Feb 11 - 17 coming up
          $3.99 3lb pack Harris Ranch fresh ground beef ... that's $1.33 lb
          $1.49 North Beach fresh grated parmesan 4 oz
          50 cents American Italian spaghetti or elmbow macaroni
          79 cents Del Monte spaghetti sauce 26.5 oz
          99 cents bagged garden salad 1 lb

          Sounds like Italian night to me. Most of the stores were selling Alto Agrelo boxed wine from Argentina for $9.99. It is a 2007 Cabernet / Malbac blend

          1. re: rworange

            David Carlson has pointed out several times that all but three of the stores (I forget which three, but Oakland is one) are independently owned, so Grocery Outlet has no say on whether they remodel or how much they charge.

            I got an interesting insight on how they set prices, at least at the Oakland store. I asked a guy stocking shelves there one day how much an item was in an unpriced display. He looked at a code on the big cartons which he said told him how much GO paid, and then from that told me how much the item should be (he didn't tell me what the formula for the mark-up was, though).

        2. Let me first say I love this thread, got me totally hooked on GO. One day in between a full time school schedule and a three year old I hope to contribute. I did want to say, not sure if it was the same Salmon, but I bought a few packages a while back that sound like yours. When I got home I noticed in little tiny letters product of China. Not what I was thinking when I saw Wild Pacific Salmon. Just wanted to put that out there for those who are watching out for these things!

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          1. re: elliora

            i guess if the fish were caught, by Chinese fisherman, on their way home to China spawning grounds they would still be wild Pacific salmon. However, they are probably caught here in the USA and then shipped to China for processing, much cheaper, and then sent back. That 16000 mile trip is probably 8 times longer than the fishes' when they were alive.

            1. re: elliora

              Yep. same salmon ... chum salmon

              1. re: rworange

                At the RWC store today:

                99 cents - South Beach Living cereal (13 oz Vanilla Almond Crunch--May 2009)
                1.49 - CURVES cereal (16.25 oz Honey Crunch -- April 2009)
                1.49 - Back to Nature cereal (10 oz. Cinnamon Crunch -- March 2009)
                99 cents -- Vitasoy - 32oz chocolate (label in both French/English so perhaps for Canadian market?)
                99 cents -- Mariners Cove New England Clam Chowder (15 oz can)

                8.99 De Cecco Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 liter)

                BTW, there were also a few other brands of EVOO mostly at $7.99 for 1L bottles. Anyone know which brands are considered good? I only know it's better to buy in glass bottles instead of plastic.

                1. re: baron45

                  The brands move in and out so quickly as far as olive oil, I don't usually take a chance unless it is some ridiculous price. There was a really good $1.99 bottle a while back. Currently at the Oakland store is a $2.99 bottle of Crisco light oilive oil ... and it is actually not bad. Very good for cooking.

                  I think that at the $8 and up price, then you are better off buying olive oil at Trader Joe's which is more consistant and without surprises. The other thing is just jot down the name and do a google to see if it is any good and comparable prices elsewhere.

                  Some of the stores have bags of Golden Delicious apples for 99 cents. Some are really nice with that pink blush and a good aroma. Didn't buy any as I have quite a few apples.

                  Decided to see if I could eat at Grocery Outlet exclusively for $3 a day. So far yes

                  Going gourmet at Grocery Outlet for $3 a day

                  1. re: rworange

                    I love your $3 a day posts and your GO posts. Here in SoCal, apparently nobody cares about Grocery Outlet so here are my recent finds:

                    3 bars of Special Dark unsweetened baking chocolate, 99 cents each!
                    28 oz glass jars of organic Maranatha peanut butter, $3 each
                    Kettle chips from I forget the maker, Chesapeake Bay flavor, 79 cents each bag.
                    mocha ice cream sandwich from Soy Delicious, 79 cents each.

                    I also saw the Lindt bars down here. They had some Scharffenberger bars here that were to DIE for, milk chocolate with salted nuts, omg.

                    I have to say that the Berkeley store has the best bread selection, hands down.

                    I love this place so much, so very very much.

                  2. re: baron45

                    In case it's ever stocked again, I liked the Seville brand of EVOO. I'm in Grocery Outlet every week, so I try stuff with a mind that I can return it easily if I'm not satisfied. Granted, this doesn't work well if you need something to cook with that same day.

                    1. re: baron45

                      I've also got Bertolli, Don Turidu, Monte Pollino, Hain, and Olitalia (and Creo, looks like the same oil as Olitalia) all for $7.99 /1L at GO and thought they were all better than the TJ's, if perhaps each different. They also had some Monte Pollino "reserve" in a fancy bottle at $7.99/500mL, which I tried; it's noticeably smoother so I use it just for dipping bread, and use the 1L bottles for cooking and salad dressing

                      I tend to like the milder Italian oils; De Cecco is excellent, I'd say the Bertolli or Olitalia was my second favorite. BTW, Berkeley Bowl also has the De Cecco on sale for $9/L now, and their regular price on Olitalia is $9 too. For a dipping oil, the BB Organic EV is a pretty good deal at $8 for 750mL.

                2. In Petaluma today:
                  2.69 Judy's Organic 18 medium eggs
                  2.99 Cascia Farms Org Granola Bars Chocolate Chip 16 count
                  1.49 Blue Horizon Thai Shrimp Spring Rolls (they look real good)
                  1.49 Immaculate Baking Org Baking Cookies - 4 flavors, refrig section. Today I got Triple Chocolate & Chocolate Chip. Last mornth, they just had Oatmeal Raisin and I tried that - they were terrible with a very strong bitter nutmeg taste. I have had the boxed (already baked) Triple Chocolate and they were very good, so I am giving them another go.
                  1.49 Cascadia Farms Org Granola Box - the toddler ate it in the store and approved.
                  1.69 Alexa Panini sandwiches (frozen) 3+ flavors
                  2.09 Alvarado St bread - my reason for stopping in, as Pet GO carries almost regularly
                  V-day boxed chocolates are in.
                  So a good day for treats.

                  Only Sonoma Pesto Cheese cubes for 99c, which I couldn't see buying based on above review! No Discovery Cuisine. Yes, the Harris ground beef in 3 fat contents is in. And some good looking salami.

                  1. De Cecco strozzapretti (1/2 kg or 8.8 oz), $1.49 - also known as "priest strangler", this is a rolled form of egg pasta and the package says it's made with bronze dies.

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                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      Also at San Pablo

                      99 cents - Alter Eco Fair Trade Bolivia dark chocolate.

                      I saw three types at Berkeley last week and passed because powdered milk was in the ingredient list. Finally the fair trade part got to me, so I bought a bar at San Pablo, though I probably won't try it till next month.

                      They use the milk they say to smooth out the flavor and it is organic powdered milk. There's raw cane sugar from Paraguay and the chocolate (46% cocoa) is from Bolivia. There's also melted butter in the ingredient list though they don't say where it is from or if it is organic.

                      The bar itself is made in Switzerland.

                      If you buy those bars on line from their website, they are about $5

                      The San Pablo GO now has rompope flavor for those paletas made in the USA.

                      There is Manischewitz Cream Blush for $1.99. Since the plain old Manischewitz Cocord grape wine was the first wine I ever tasted ... my family broke out a bottle for Christmas, the only wine I ever remember my dad buying ... I have a sentimental connection to that brand ... but I looked it up and ... yikes ... it is a blush made from concord grapes ... pretty color though.

                      Love this website that has the full Manischewitz product line ... and when I was looking a link to a Jewish singles site ... though I think the cream blush is one of the wines that isn't kosher.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        Vallejo has the De Cecco strozzapretti. Looks good.

                        They also have Hickory Farms cheese balls for $1.49.

                        They are carrying the LeViv 99 cent frozen whole wheat fettuccine with turkey and broccoli with bolognese sauce. Oakland has LeViv Jamaican style jerk chicken breast with black beans, pineapple and whole grain rice. They also had some breakfast LeViv like wraps and waffles with blueberries.

                        So far I've had the LeViv shortrib and it was good enough for me to collect the other types to see how they match up. These are smaller than the box would have you guess, but the quality of the short rib was good. It was very tender and tasty though little bigger than two large beef stew cubes. If I ever get caught up I'll try one of the chicken dinners tonight.

                        Oakland had alum in the spice dept 4 oz for 50 cents.

                        And with this ... after a month of eating exclusively at Grocery Outlet for a month for $3 a day, well $2.99 it turns out and to be totally accurate $2.992962962962962962962962962963 ... I pass the Grocery Outlet torch.

                        You know it is time to get back to the real world when you walk into Food4Less and are shocked at the high prices ... though Food4less has Philly cream cheese on sale this week for 50 cents ... the good stuff ... 8 oz.

                        I'm glad I only ran into Andronico's for the Tom Wilson navel oranges (99 lb this week) because sticker shock would have sent me into a coma.

                        Farmers markets ... I need farmers markets right now ... rain be damned.

                        1. re: rworange

                          I know it's not that big, but the farmers' market in Pinole has been setting up for the past few weeks in the drizzle...

                      2. Santa Rosa:

                        Lots of chocolate including bars (Lindt, Scharfenberger, Alter Eco) and Valentine's selections. Prices still high $1.49- $1.99 per bar.

                        Alter Eco boxed teas - rooibos, green and green with lemon.

                        Plenty of cheese again. I'd tell you about the 32 oz and 64 oz plain yogurt, but chances are it flew out of the store. The Keta salmon is very good and no fake flavors, colors or preservatives.

                        Those Immaculate baking cookies in the deli section are on special, so expect there is sufficient stock.

                        Do check the frozen section for Amy's, Whole Foods and organic veggies. Lots of choices. And Soy Delicious frozen desserts still aplenty.

                        1. Berkeley and San Pablo had a lot of markdowns today


                          - the bags of golden delicious apples were 2 for $1 and the apples still looked perfect
                          50 cents - 24 oz Light n’ Lively non fat cottage cheese sell by 2/20/09

                          Regular stuff at Berkeley

                          99 cents - Sonoma blue jack cubes 8 oz
                          99 cents - Helman's Real mayo 18 oz squeeze bottle
                          99 cents - My Family organic pizza crackers
                          79 cents - box of 6 Piggly Wiggly assorted flavor toaster pastries
                          $1.99 - 1 gallon Lady Lee milk
                          $1.99 - fresh strawberries from Mexico 1 lb container
                          $1.99 - Anchor butter from New Zealand 8 oz
                          $1.99 - 14 oz peanuts in Mr. Peanut container
                          $1.99 - frozen thresher shark steaks that looked nice

                          San Pablo

                          50 cents - Pepperidge Farm dark chocolate chunk 100 calorie cookie pack 5 pack box. I
                          99 cents - Pilgrim’s Choice farmhouse mature English cheddar 7 oz
                          $1.50 - Pilgrim’s Choice farmhouse Double Gloucester 7 oz
                          $1.50 - Those round tubes of goat cheese, cinnamon cranberry flavor

                          All are near sell by date. The Pepperidge Farm cookies I can personally vouch for. I might go back and get a few more.

                          The Pilgrim's Choice cheeses are from England and use vegetarian rennet . I just got the cheddar and it actually wasn't bad for a packaged cheddar. It had a little sharp bite to it that most don't have. It is not greatness, but better than most.

                          They also had Red Leicester, but it was at the normal price of $2.49 I think.

                          Strawberries at San Pablo were $2.99 and Milk $2.50. Better value at Berkeley.

                          1. The San Pablo Store also has a new ( to me) flavor of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider: Apple Pomegranite. $1.69 @ bottle. Not bad - still like the Apple Cranberry better - it has a bit more acid and therefore tastes a bit "brighter" - goes good with rich food. And while I'm at it - stay away from the Apple - Grape flavor - overly sweet.

                            1. Newark GO:

                              Wonder deli rolls - $1.99

                              Miller's habanero hot link -10 in a pack -2lbs - $5.99

                              Sargento shredded chipotle cheddar - 15oz - $3.49

                              Method liquid hand soup Ginger Yuzu $2.69

                              Christian Moueix Bordeaux Superieur Vintage 2003 (wine from France) - $9.99

                              Love my Carpet Hawaiian Passion (carpet deodorizer) .99c

                              1. San Pablo

                                99 cents President's brie 6 oz. log-shaped for cutting rounds to top crackers

                                50 cent Pepperidge Farm chcolate chip cookies are almost all gone, but there are 99 cent oatmeal raisin 100 calorie packs.

                                99 cents - LeViv frozen meals "taste life, taste healthy
                                - braised beef shortrib with creamy polenta, sweet peas and rosemary
                                - lemongrass chicken breast with basmati rice with spinach, edame and almonds

                                Also some sort of pizzeta with spinach or something that I didn't buy. Boxes have little inspirational messages for Ralph Waldo Emerson, Goethe and such "Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood".

                                1. Some nice deals at Oakland today:

                                  Monterey Pasta Co. spinach ravioli (fresh, deli case) "made with organic spinach, eggs and semolina flour" $3.99 for a double pack (38 ounces/9 servings), use or freeze by 3/7.

                                  Horizon organic lowfat cottage cheese, 99 cents/pint

                                  All my favorite flavors of Terra Chips (Red bliss Olive oil, garlic & parmesan, Yukon gold salt and pepper and salt and vinegar) -- $1.99

                                  Cascade Farms organic frozen peas and organic frozen cut green beans, $1.49 for 16 ounces

                                  Tubs of "mini" organic cookies, in chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin for $1.49 for 10 ounces

                                  Lots of Alter Eco bars in lots of flavors, 99 cents; Sharffen Berger 64 percent and 82 percent bars also 99 cents, some other interesting looking European bars, and to my delight, some "Home Made Fudge" from Herbert Candy Mountain -- I bought some last year and it's about as good as commercially made fudge gets (I make my own cooked, beaten, etc. fudge, so I'm picky). $1.99 a box in three flavors (maple, Belgian chocolate and chocolate peanutbutter).

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                                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                    Wow, you hit the jackpot with the Sharffen Berger bars.

                                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                      The Berkeley store also has the Monterey Pata ravioli. They also have it with lobster and gruyere. Since this was out of my little $3 a day budget thingy I didn't look to see exactly what type of lobster that was. Wish I had thought of freezing it.

                                      More in line with this month's budget, both Berkeley and Oakland have Farmland hard salami - 50 cents for 6 oz. The ingrediant list is decent too.

                                      I also bought some Wedemeyer 9-Grain bread for $2.19. It really smells nice and has all sorts of good things in there. Has anyone tried their sourdough ... sorry if someone answered this before.

                                    2. In Newark store:

                                      Found many Method cleaning/bath products.
                                      Rachel perry citrus cleanser
                                      Couldn't find the Eco or Scharfen chocolates.
                                      Amy"s entrees

                                      1. $1.99 - Camille Bloch Cognac Noir - Swiss bittersweet chocolate bars filled with cognac, also milk chocolates filled with other liqueurs, e.g., G marnier. Very good product, doesn't have the sugar casing.

                                        1. Berkeley yesterday - "Cosmic Cukes" all natural dill pickles (no preservatives or additives) - big 46-ounce jar for $1.79. They're ~2-3" long and good!

                                          1. I know I said I was through for a while, but this is just too good a deal not to pass on ...

                                            At San Pablo, Lindt Excellence dark chocolate intense mint 2 for $1.

                                            There are about 10 boxes I could see, but at that price I imagine they are going fast. The only caveat ... there is vanillin in there if that bothers anyone.

                                            As long as I was there ... the one thing I was looking for is still out

                                            50 cents some sort of jars of marsmallow fluff type of stuff. I think by Kraft
                                            $1.50 Adams organic crunchy peanut butter
                                            $2.49 Canister of Sunsweet pitted prunes

                                            I use a lot of cinnamon and took a chance since they have those big 1lb containers of cinnamon for $1.99. Opened it up and it is good ... actually as good as the 1 oz Mexican packages of cinnamon going for 69 cents ... this breaks down to little more that 12 cents an ounce. The expiration date is sometime in 2011 so I might go back and buy a few more of these ... I use cinnamon every morning in my oatmeal ... lots of it.

                                            1. Hellman's mayonesa (Mexican style mayo with lime) is back, but 30 oz now. Exp date of March 09 . . . but I'll mention that the jar in my fridge that expired in 2006 is still fine. Time to swap it out.