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bakeries between la and santa barbara?

we are driving from los angeles to santa barbara - my wife is a lover of good baked goods, cupcakes, danish, cookies, etc. - any recommendations? thanks...

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  1. Natas in Sherman Oaks on Ventura is probably the only Portuguese bakery in greater LA and the young Belgian baker there makes a wide range of not just Portuguese but Belgian/French and american style pastries and cookies. The best custard tarts I've had anywhere (the Chinese ones, if you've had them, were adapted via Macao from the Portuguese).

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    1. Pending on where this drive starts in LA, Euro Pane Bakery on Colorado - just east of Lake (in Pasadena) is great. Love the chocolate hazelnut tarts and I go to sleep everynight wishing I could wake up to one of their ginger scones. Nice bread too...good ciabatta.

      1. Bea's Bakery in Tarzana is probably the best Jewish bakery in the city. Great delcos and the best black-and-white cookies around. They also have some great cakes, but you didn't mention them. It's right on the way, about three blocks from the Reseda offramp from the 101.

        For cupcakes, you could preorder from Leda's in Sherman Oaks. They used to have cupcakes daily, but they dropped their bakery/coffee house in favor of preorders only. They are great, but expensive, and you would probably need to buy a large amount of cupcakes. Their cookies and scones are also very good.

        Bea's Bakery
        18450 Clark St, Tarzana, CA 91356

        1. Check out the goodies at Pierre LaFond in Santa Barbara. They have a great selection of sweets as well as breads, and a deli at their shop on State St. near Cota, or at their smaller place in El Paseo. The cornmeal blueberry pancakes are also a really nice treat for breakfast.

          1. A tad bit out of the way, but relatively close to the 5 are:
            1. Porto's Bakery (Glendale and Burbank) - Really, really good baked goods. I'm a fan of the cheese rolls (sweetened cream cheese encased a flaky pastry dough that's topped with course sugar and baked) and the guava-cheese rolls (guava preserves and sweetened cream cheese inside a pie like dough). There is a great selection of pastries there...they even have miniature versions of their more impressive desserts (i.e. mango mousse, italian cheesecake, tres leches cake, opera cake, etc.). You can't possibly go wrong here.
            2. Yummy Cupcakes (Burbank) - It's down the street from the Burbank location of Porto's. Great cupcakes...at times a little too sweet, but I LOVE LOVE their red velvet...they have three different renditions on the frosting....cream cheese frosting, cocoa cream cheese frosting, and a half cream cheese, half cocoa cream cheese mix. Now that's yummy!

            Porto's Bakery
            315 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

            Porto's Bakery
            3614 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

            Yummy Cupcakes
            2918 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

            1. Plusko's Valley Bakery in Thousand Oaks, Viktor Benes Bakery in Westlake Village.....or one of my fave finds...Royal Bakery and Cafe on 4726 Telephone Road in Ventura. Yum.

              1. If you can wait until you get to SB, Andersen's Restaurant and Bakery. It's primarily Danish/European pastries.

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                  Must strongly disagree with Mrhooks and CynD, sorry. Both Pierre Lafond and Andersen's serve sub-standard baked goods. (Lafond location in Paseo Nuevo has been closed for several months btw.) Lafond reminds me of commercially prepared doughs and desserts. Nothing special about them, and Andersen's pastries all taste of sugary fluff and marzipan.

                  Two fine bakeries in SB do exist. D'Angelo Bakery on Lower State Street, and Renaud's Bakery on Upper State Street. Both serve full breakfast and lunch as well as take away baked goods that rival any fine patisserie I have encountered in France (Renaud's gets the slight edge in pastries, but the breads at D'Angelo are nothing short of a miracle).


                  D'Angelo Bread 25 W. Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara
                  Phone: (805) 962-5466

                  Check out link for reviews on D's here:

                  Hope this helps!

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                    I second the Renaud's recommendation! It's worth saving up an appetite until you get to Santa Barbara, and worth driving to the north end of town. Gorgeous and delicious croissants, pain chocolat, fruit tartes and other French pastries. The coffee is good, too.

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                      Sorry to hear LaFond has slipped. Will give it a try next time up in SB. Still think it's a good place for breakfast, though.

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                      Strongly support the vote for Andersen's in SB - their apple strudel is heaven!

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                        I second Bea's especially if you want a lot of variety. It is right off the freeway and great parking in back,


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                        I agree however not everyone, surprisingly, is a Danish bakery lover.
                        I love the place....their marzipan cakes are wonderful.
                        My favorite bakery in Santa Barbara is D'Angelo's on Garden.

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                          Adding one more to my recommendation...
                          If you've got the time to stop in Montecito check out Jeannine's.
                          They've got great scones and nice cakes....their breakfasts are great.