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Jan 31, 2009 07:46 PM

Faks About Skafs

#1-This place rocks.
#2-The cabbage salad was simply out of this world, who knew just shredded cabbage, tomato and some magical dressing could taste so good
#3-The chicken kabobs were juicy and wonderful, even without the garlic spread stuff in the little plastic cup on the side (like Zankou's garlic spread stuff, but actually tasted more potent here)
#4-The fatoush salad, although similar to the cabbage salad, was different but very tasty too, and eating two salads happily sustained my delusion that I was eating a dietetic dinner
#5-The hummus was quite nice too, and I liked dipping my kibbeh appetizer ball in it (the kibbeh tasted good, although a little cold inside)
#6-The lamb kabob was too well done for my taste (I would personally not be inclined to stray from the chicken kabob on my next visit and my two salads)
#7-The lentil soup looked wonderful, but did not try it
#8-The pita bread is ordinary, but who really cares, its really just the canvas for the rest
#9-I found the simple atmosphere to be rather cosy and low key, it was nice to eat and have that sweet man sitting down to watch tv next to us while we ate dinner (it was somewhat empty in there, just a few tables)
#10-I'll be back, I'm just sorry I didn't try it sooner

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  1. I ate at Skaf's four times a week for two years. I have flown back from Berkeley to eat at Skaf's.

    I looooooooooove Skaf's.

    But the best thing about Skaf's is the daily specials at the North Hollywood location (don't know if they do them at the Glendale location). Absolutely stunningly good -- the baked kibbeh and the lemon chicken and the baked kafta waft through my dreams.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I was at No Ho this evening and BOTH the baked kibbeh (2 balls with yoghurt that nice man explained to me) and baked kafta (which he said was like the menu kafta but baked in the oven) were on the board as specials (along with some fish thing) although the printed menu only said that fish thing on special tonight)!!

      Anyway, I loved it and the home cooking style of the food...well, its the sort of thing you could eat for many days in a row. Quite a wonderful place.

    2. I love skaf's as well.
      I typically get a chicken kabob and a kefta kabob plate. Sooo good.
      Their lentil soup is wonderful.

      I go to this place way too much.

      Here's the link.

      Skaf's Grill
      6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

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      1. re: ldodb

        And the more ambiance-enabled, easier-parking Glendale version:

        Skaf's Grill
        367 N Chevy Chase Dr, Glendale, CA 91206

      2. Re: your #6, I have ordered lamb at Skaf's "pink" and it was just about perfect!

        1. I love Skafs . The father and son who own it are always very friendly and warm.The potatoes that come with the lemon chicken are outstanding and I always ask for extra sauce. Their falafel are also very good , moist on the inside, crisp on the outside not overly seasoned. All of the side salads and appetizers are excellent. One of my favs when I don't feel like cooking. I've never tried the kebbeh...but I will the next time I'm there. This is a place where they really take pride in their food.

          1. Skaf's is the best.

            The two poles of my Lebanese/Armenian love are Skaf's and Sunnin. With perhaps a some Sahag's for basturma and Partamian's for lehmajun. And maybe some grilled lamb chops at Elena's - though I haven't been there for a few years.

            Skaf's makes the raw beef Los Angeles toplist: their raw beef, Meals by Genet's glorious kitfo, Merkato's funky kitfo sandwich, and maybe Warsazwa's very Polish tartare. Probably Skaf's and Meals by Genet are the true champions.

            At both Skaf's and Sunnin: any specials that involved vegetables stuffed with meat and rice and stuff: get.