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Jan 31, 2009 04:45 PM

How do I tell when stinky cheese is bad?

I have long been puzzled by how to determine whether a soft, mostly whitish, smelly-when-fresh cheese has turned bad. Cheddar or swiss with mold I can recognize. But what about Gorgonzola, domestic blue, or something else with a distinctive odor and a mold streak when it's fresh? Assuming soft or semi-soft cheese is well packaged (Saran, or Saran and foil) and refrigerated, how long can I keep it?

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  1. Gorgonzola smells putrid when it's gone bad.

    Ok, actually, first, look at it. Is there any yellowish sewer-water kind of color? The first place it goes bad is near the rind, so look and smell there.

    If you're looking at it, and wondering "what's that smell?" get your nose down there. Smell it good...if it makes you want to throw up, it's bad.

    You don't have to toss the whole thing if the whole thing doesn't smell bad...

    1. In my experience, soft rind cheese get a kind of amonia smell and a yellow funk on them when they are past their prime.

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        1. It's bad when it smells like some cheese got into your ammonia!!!

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