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Jan 31, 2009 04:36 PM

New in Harbor East/Fells?

I'm considering surprising my boyfriend with a weekend "getaway" in Baltimore when he gets back from Iraq. Vegas would be better, but you know, not as close :)

I'm thinking of getting a room in Harbor East. It's been well over a year since I've spent any time in Baltimore.

Are there any new restaurants/cafes in that area that I should keep in mind as I'm planning it?

I know we'll go to brunch at Blue Moon (cuz I'm a sucker and I think it's great), and hopefully go to the farmers market...

We love all types of food, but are vegetarians (he eats fish - not seafood, fish). He LOVES spicy - the more, the better.

I know that area has grown in spades, so any tips would be appreciated...we very much need this and after almost a year of terrible food, he deserves some tasty treats.

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  1. What a nice surprise! In Inner Harbor East, there's Oceanaire for fish and also Chiu's Sushi. I don't think Chiu's is anything special, but it is right there. If you like Japanese, go a little further afield to the recently remodeled Asahi Sushi on Broadway in Fell's. It's very good and very affordable. There's also some non-sushi stuff on the menu if you're not sushi people. It's BYOB if you want to splurge on wine at Bin 604 (in IHE).

    I am not very familiar with the menu at Pazo, but it gets great reviews and has small plates so you could order plenty of veggie/fish things that would suit your diets.

    1. Within stumbling distance: Roy's for fancy fish and dishes. Oceanaire for overpriced seafood. Chui's for sushi all by yourself. Taco fiesta for bad tacos. Chingale for interesting and slightly pricy Italian. Charleson if you want to break the bank
      Within 3 blocks: Black Olive for pricy Mediterranean. Pazo for Tapas
      Either way, finish it off with some drinks at Max's or Wharf Rat (both down the road on lancaster)

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        It's restaurant week through 2/8 -- $30 prixe fixe at Black Olive. Dress is casual, fish is very fresh and interesting, veggie options for sure.

      2. I don't believe the farmer's market under the JFX is not running on Sundays right now. Waverly, yes but JFX no. Someone will surely correct me if I'm wrong...if he is a big fish guy and you want to splurge, Black Olive might be a good bet. Not spicy, but you get to pick your fish from a display. It's a cozy setting too. While Charleston will break the bank, I'd recommend stopping in for a predinner drink or nightcap/cheese after dinner. The bar area is great.

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        1. re: BaltoPhilFood

          The market under JFX is definitely closed for winter. It doesn't open again until May.

          The Waverly market isn't very close, but will be open on Saturday morning.

        2. awww boo to the farmers market being closed! I was never too impressed with the Waverly one, but JFX is great! We'll just have to go another time...

          As for food - he eats fish, I don't, so a fish/seafood restaurant won't work, neither will Japanese.

          I was thinking of one night in that area, then maybe a night in Hampden because there seems to be some good veggie options there.

          He also doesn't drink (a Marine that doesn't drink or eat meat..I know, it's odd!).

          Pazo sounds doable - is it "dressy"?

          I know that area is touristy, but I have a lot of hotel points, so I figured it'd be best to stay there with the "new" hotels in terms of comfort...Plus, that gelato place is there, which I demand a couple of trips to :)

          If there's any indian besides to brass elephant nearby there at all, please recommend. I will have a car, but would rather keep driving to a minimum if possible because parking in BMore tends to stink.

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          1. re: Jeserf

            If you're thinking Indian I'd recommend the Ambassador Dining Room restaurant. It's a short drive out Charles and then East Univ. Parkway. Plenty of parking at the restaurant.
            Beautiful outdoor area but I guess this isn't the season for it. I do believe they have a fireplace indoors though so besides excellent food it's somewhat romantic.

            1. re: Jeserf

              Mezze or Meli might end up serving you well. Check those out. I haven't eaten at Pazo for a while and some say the food has gone downhill a bit but the atmosphere is nice. Black Olive does have some veggie options (village pie, hummus, etc) but if you don't like being around fish then you're right it's not the place for you. The only indian in the area that I know of is Mehek, which was ok but lacking in atmosphere when I ate there. The advantage to staying in the area is you guys can take a stroll and scope out some of the places ahead of time. Good luck!

              ***Edit: Pazo isn't necessarily 'dressy' it can range from dresses to nice jeans/sweaters for women and button downs and slacks to khakis for guys. Just no sneakers/tees I'd say

              1. re: BaltoPhilFood

                hm mezze might be good.

                we're very very casual (unless there's some event...but after months of someone telling him how to dress, I best not tell him for dinner :) )

                Ambassador might be good - we'll see.

                any other good recommendations are welcome - I was thinking of having lunch at the Visionary Art Museum if the restaurant is open there - I think he'd like that place .

                1. re: Jeserf

                  It's not. For dinner, if you are looking more casual and want Indian in Harbor East, you might think about India Rasoi on High Street in Little Italy. Not new, but generally well regarded I think.

                  1. re: charmedgirl

                    I thought they were going to reopen? hm that's sad!

                    Will look into India Rasoi - casual is good. thanks!

            2. What about Mehak in Fells Point? It's Indian, pretty casual and a short walk from Harbor East? And, bonus, it's across from the gelato shop you mentioned.

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              1. re: ktracy

                oooo very good!

       it good indian food...?

                1. re: Jeserf

                  Hi Jeserf,

                  It is good. It's not my favorite Indian in town, but if I want to stay in the SE, I'm happy to go there. It's WAY better than India Rasoi, in my opinion.

                  1. re: ktracy

                    cool - sounds like a plan for us!


                    1. re: ktracy

                      Hey, good to know about India Rasoi, ktracy. I had heard it was pretty good and so I've been meaning to go, but I perhaps made the chowhound faux pas of suggesting without having tried it myself because I was trying to think of somewhere close the OP's hotel. Thanks for the heads up that there is better Indian to be had in the same area.

                      1. re: charmedgirl

                        Taco Fiesta across from the Marriot has great fish tacos and vegetarian options.

                        1. re: ko1

                          I've been to taco fiesta - I'm sure I'll get crap for this, but I think it's very decent - I enjoy salsa bars, and the veggie taco salad is really great (not as good as that burrito place in Hampden though).

                          that very well be a lunch spot.

                          I'm excited for this! He has no idea I'm planning it :)

                          1. re: Jeserf

                            I also like Taco Fiesta! And salsa bars in general. (Viva Baja Fresh!)

                        2. re: charmedgirl

                          Eh, I find Mehek and India Rasoi comparable.