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Jan 31, 2009 04:34 PM

Lamb Birthday Dinner Suggestions

Hey Everyone,

So my dad wants to go out for his birthday but the only reference he gave us is that he wants some good lamb. I would like to go someplace nice but really the food is more important than anything. Beyond lamb he did not care where it was or what nationality. I was thinking maybe Armenian but I am looking for suggestions.

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  1. It would be helpful if we had some idea where you are, unless you're willing to drive anywhere - the L.A. board covers a huge area.

    I love lamb too, but am usually disappointed by too small a portion or it's over-cooked.

    Several months ago, Caffe Gazelle in Huntington Beach had a braided lamb dinner as a special. Last time I was there (New Year's Eve) it wasn't listed, but if you're in the Huntington Beach area (and that location is much roomier than the Long Beach location) you could call (better yet, stop in and sample lunch) and ask if they could do it special for your dad. My friend ordered it, so I can't personally validate her opinion since I didn't taste it (she loved it!) but since she does catering I'd think her approval would be worth considering.

    That being said, the best lamb I've ever had was New Zealand lamb and that was on a cruise ship many years ago.

    1. Try the Rack of Lamb at 26 Beach, a full 8 ribs, coated with garlic and pesto then grilled beautifully, comes with mashed, veggies and a salad, get the caeser, I think it runs about $30-$32 max! Make a reservation on friday or saturday night!

      1. Petros in Manhattan Beach does a very good Feta Crusted Colorado Rack of Lamb.

        1. I find that Joe's in Venice consistently makes the best lamb in Los Angeles. With this said, I might call ahead just to confirm that a lamb dish is on the menue.

          1. JIraffe in Santa Monica has good lamb. Im not sure if its always on their menu but call ahead to make sure. I went with 7 people and we all ordered something different and everyone liked every dish. Great restaurant, food, service and ambiance.