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Jan 31, 2009 03:54 PM

A Good Indian Buffet for Lunch in Plano/Richardson/Addison/North Dallas?

Can anyone recommend a good Indian Luncheon Buffet within these areas? We had lunch at Claypit in Addison today, the food was OK, but it was kinda cold-very lukewarm curries.

Are there any stellar Indian Buffets around either for weekdays or weekends? Has anyone been to Pasand's in Richardson?

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  1. The other Indian buffets in that area (Chettinad Place, Taj Majal, Pasand) have severely degraded. I usually get my Indian buffet fix from Mayuri out in Irving or at Clay Pit.

    And very sorry to hear that you were disappointed about Clay Pit, it's easily much better than Pasand. I've started eating there more frequently ever since Bukhara Grill's former chef joined Clay Pit's staff last summer.

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      We normally go to Flavors in Addison just down the street from Clay pit. Flavors has a very large buffet, hot food, fresh food. The spice mix is reasonable not going to kill anybody with the heat, yet our Indian staff think it's good as well.

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        It's weird, Claypit used to be my fav Indian place in DFW-since the new ownership, it's either hit or miss. Sometimes the food is wonderful, sometimes it's just medicore. I think when we go there for dinner and order off the menu, the food is much better-always hot, always flavorful. Their buffett in the past few months has just been so-so. Just want to try out some other buffet options to compare :) I'll have to try Flavors in Addison next.

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          In case you hadn't heard, that former Bukhara Grill chef you mentioned also became former Clay Pit chef about six months ago.

        2. I think Pasand in Richardson is fantastic. I've tried a few other places in the metroplex but if I'm craving Indian, Pasand is the only one I consistently return to. My fiance works 10 minutes from there and he always raves about the lunch buffet, as well.

          1. I agree that the Clay Pit is a disappointment. For what I think is the best Indian food around try Kebbab N' Kurry on 75 in Richardson. Silly name, but great food. They have a large lunch buffet daily and the owner is usually on the floor overseeing the service, which is almost as good as the food. It's the only Indian Restaurant I return to regularly.

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              Had lunch there yesterday based on this reco and agree that food was very very good.

              Wouldn't have guessed from the road, but food quality was really outstanding.

            2. Second on Flavors in Addison. There is also Rucchi on Trinity Mills west of Midway. Also, for a delicious buffet that you will hardly notice is vegetarian, try Madras Pavillion on the southeast corner of Beltline and Coit in the Whole Foods strip center.

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