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Jan 31, 2009 03:15 PM

SE Michigan - The Best "Hot Wings"

I have a few comfort dishes I always hunt for the best of...

Hot Wings, French Onion Soup, Corned Beef Hash and Chili.

If I found a restaurant that nailed all four I would be in heaven.

Anyways today I am looking for your input on the Chicken Wings.

As for myself I am always comparing every wing to some that came from a small bar that no longer exists.

I used to live down in central Ohio in a small town called Granville (Home of Denison University). They had this little cozy bar called "Brews" on the strip downtown that was about 3 doors down from my job. I had the perfect bartender named "Sam" who I never had to tell him what I wanted to drink or eat. He just fed me and kept the good beers coming. He was also one of those great bartenders who kept the bill down as long as you kept the tip up. I remember nights where the bill should have been in the range of $50-$75 and walking out paying $25. I should say that this has no bearing on my review of the wings at this establishment.

The wings were not from the Kate Moss of Chickens nor they the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole of Chicken Wings. The meat on the bones were a perfect amount, I would have to say they were the Scarlett Johansson of wings. My wife may say the Russell Crowe.

As for the sauce I could tell it started out with Franks Red Hot and Butter but then there was something on top of that. A good cracked black pepper,some slightly hotter than normal chili flakes and I an guessing Sesame Oil. Pure Nirvana....

Now I have been to my fair share of places in Metro Detroit trying to find that heroin type hit but have yet to find it. I can handle the Buffalo Wild Wings chain and not complain to much but they are only part way to my destination. Most bars I visit do not treat the wings with the respect that they deserve...they over deep fry the chicken (I am NOT saying deep frying is the best way to cook a wing here), that or they only use that horrid sauce that is called Tabasco, they use anemic wings, or they just sink into the large ocean we call mediocrity.

Now...where is your favorite wing joint no matter how Ghetto or Plush. Although I will admit I will be happier if I can get a IPA at the location. :)

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      1. re: JanPrimus

        I hate to venture this suggestion but...Buddy's Pizza actually has hot wings that I enjoy. A bit salty but I like them. I know the one in Auburn Hills has a bar, but I don't know if IPA is available.

        1. re: JanPrimus

          The Oxford Tap makes a pretty decent wing, and they have all sorts of good beers on hand and on tap.

          The Uptown Grill in Walled Lake has a good vareity of wings from what I've heard from friends who have eaten there, plus, they have one of the best tap selections in town.

          For a downright divey, greasy, wing place, The Original King of Wings in Pontiac on West Huron is good. Run by a father and son team, they make their own sauces and serve up whole wings too.

          BW3s has lost my business over the past year. They can never get the wings consistent enough for me, and their sauces are all full of corn syrup. Hooters is only marginally better but their sauces rock.

          Personally, I just make my own wings. Ask Boagman, he will attest to my infatuation with wings and hot sauces. :-)

          1. re: GrueLurks

            of the two chains, hooters blows away bw3. wing quality is much better. sauce is good.

        2. My two favorite places for wings are the, Ugly Duckling Saloon in Harper Woods (ordered "wet"), and Johnny G's in downtown Mt. Clemens. Both of these are dive bars. They stink like stale beer and smoke, and an IPA may be hard to come by, but if you can get past that, the wings are some of the best I've found anywhere in the city.

          You may want to check out this link as well.

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          1. Casey's Tavern in Ann Arbor is my favorite. Not much of a bar really anymore but damn, they do have some nice food. It gets pretty crowded too.

            More off the beaten track is Guy Hollerin's in Ann Arbor. Not a place really known for good food, but they do have amazing wings. (though it has been awhile since I have sampled them there) And yes at both of those places you can get an IPA for sure. (A better selection at Casey's though for sure)

            I like the wings at Happy's Pizza too. They are a Metro-Detroit regional chain, so may possibly be in your area.

            1. I like the Rasta wings at Union Street in Detroit. Note that I like my wings really, really hot. I'm the kind of person that orders BW3's Blazin - which I think is really good. I also like Quaker Steak and Lube's Atomic, but they don't have any in Michigan. Bummer.