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Jan 31, 2009 02:49 PM

Scrapple in the Detroit area?

My father is originally from Pennsylvania, and loves scrapple. Is there any place in the Detroit area where I may purchase scrapple?

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  1. I would be very surprised. There is an excellent recipe in the older editions of "Joy of Cooking," though.

    1. No sir , there is not .

      1. Well, maybe not in the Detroit area, but possibly in Michigan. I wonder if any scrapple can be had in the thumb area, where there are some Mennonite and Amish communities...anyone know of any?

        1. I'll have to search out that recipe - it seems fairly simple to make.

          I was able to find some frozen Scrapple at Holiday Market in Royal Oak.

          1. Joey's Famous Philly Cheesesteaks in Southgate (second location in Woodhaven) may have scrapple, although they had none for Jane Slaughter's visit:

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              ...and a phone call tells me no. They did not sell enough to continue selling it.