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Scrapple in the Detroit area?

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My father is originally from Pennsylvania, and loves scrapple. Is there any place in the Detroit area where I may purchase scrapple?

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  1. I would be very surprised. There is an excellent recipe in the older editions of "Joy of Cooking," though.

    1. No sir , there is not .

      1. Well, maybe not in the Detroit area, but possibly in Michigan. I wonder if any scrapple can be had in the thumb area, where there are some Mennonite and Amish communities...anyone know of any?

        1. I'll have to search out that recipe - it seems fairly simple to make.

          I was able to find some frozen Scrapple at Holiday Market in Royal Oak.

          1. Joey's Famous Philly Cheesesteaks in Southgate (second location in Woodhaven) may have scrapple, although they had none for Jane Slaughter's visit:

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              ...and a phone call tells me no. They did not sell enough to continue selling it.

            2. I'm originally from Delaware so I love scrapple and there are grocers in Minneapolis/St. Paul that carry it. While that doesn't exactly help you, the brand available here is made in Wisconsin. You can purchase it online at their site: http://www.jonesdairyfarm.com/home.aspx

              It's kind of expensive ($25 for 4 lbs) but my dad in Nebraska (where they've never even heard of the stuff) appreciates his shipments.

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                Jones is the brand that I purchased. Fortunately I could purchase it at a store, so it was quite reasonable where I bought it - and no shipping! A one-pound block was $2.19 in the freezer section.

                Interestingly, the store where I bought the scrapple is not listed on the Jones web site.

                I'm in Rochester, but have a meeting in Wyandotte next week - I think I'll try Joey's for lunch to see how it measures up to Pat's. I wonder if the scrapple baguette is a special, or if they took it off their menu - it's not on the online pdf version of the menu.

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                  Please let us hounds know if you find any at Joey's. Frankly I would call ahead first, unless you're willing to settle for a cheese-steak. Even if they do serve it, I doubt it's their most popular item--most of us Michigan folks have never had it. But I'm curious now.

              2. I thought I saw it either at Nino Salvaggio's in Rochester --- Also carries the sacred Taylor Ham, iconic food for my sister and I (from NJ).

                1. I've seen frozen blocks of it sold at Hillers Market in Union Lake.

                  1. I remember seeing had-written signs for the scrapple at the Southgate Joey's. But it's not on the printed menu. I patronize the Garden City Joey's regularly and they don't have it there.

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                    1. Hiller's market (at least the one I go to at 14 and Haggerty) has Habbersett's, which is the brand we always bought when I was growing up in the Philly area. It's $3.99 for a frozen pound, and well worth every penny when you're a transplanted Philadelphian yearning for your favorite breakfast meat. They also have Jones. Good, just not as good as the real thing from Philadelphia (OK, Folcroft). I recall also seeing a brand from Delaware, so that's three different brands at one market.

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                      1. holiday market royal oak used to have it.

                        1. I just saw it at Hiller's in Ann Arbor about 20 minutes ago.