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Jan 31, 2009 02:40 PM

El Campo-Bay City-East Texas suggestions?

Meeting a friend in the area Monday night. Looking for a good down-home oyster shack/barbecue pit, or whatever. I'm coming from San Antonio, he flies in to Houston. Anything? The back-roadier the better.

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  1. There's a Mikeska's bbq place at El Campo on the highway. There are several Mikeska places around Texas including Columbus and Taylor but I've never eaten at any of them. I think they serve cafeteria style.

    There's a Baytown Seafood in Bay City. That' s a chain out of Baytown that's maybe a cut or two above Capt. D's. They probably have oysters. I'd go there before I'd go to Red Lobster but It isn't great stuff.

    You may need to try to get a little closer to the water. There's A Little Taste of Sargent in Sargent, a fishing community right on the coast that I've seen and I 've heard of a place in Matagorda called Spoonbills that's supposed to be pretty good but I've never been to either of them.

    1. I have always enjoyed the K-2 Steakhouse in Bay City. It is not one of the high-end steakhouses so popular today but instead a one of the classic inexpensive steakhouses that are disappearing. The steaks I have had there were very good and they have a great salad bar to go with your meal. K-2 Steakhouse 1701 8th St, Bay City.