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rattlesnake meat in Toronto

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My wife just brought back rattlesnake meat from Arizona, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get any in Toronto?

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  1. Novelty aside, it's pretty tasteless unless you've got a really lively imagination. Grew up in PHX and never got the point of it aside from rounding out the baseless hatred for rattlers. Doubtful it's here but it's your $, philly cheese.

    1. Could always raise your own I suppose :).

      Though I went to a place in Banff, Alberta called the Grizzly House, they had it on the menu so it must be available somewhere (granted that's pretty far away).

      what's so good about it?

      1. Zachary's at the Bristol Place Hotel used to have it as an appetiser. Helped break the ice with business guests.

        1. I've eaten snake (Cobra) and it was tasteless, all the flavour was from the rest of the ingredients. A suitable replacement would be one of the tofu based meat replacements.