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Jan 31, 2009 12:53 PM

College Eats

I'm a freshman foodie who tries to go out at least once a week as refuge from dining hall food. Many times, I like to get takeout for lunch and dinner and bring it back to the dorm. I've gone to the North End a lot and gotten great sandwiches from Artu's and pastries from Mike's. Except for the pastries, my food philosophy is knowing what I'm eating. Any suggestions on some places to hit up? Price matters at times, and doesn't at other times. By that I mean that I'd like a mix of approximately $10 meals as well as more expensive places. Also, I'm willing to go just about anywhere, as long as its relatively close to a T stop. I'm not really into hamburgers or stuff like that. I like good roast beef sandwiches, salmon, sushi, and steak (though I don't need steakhouse recommendations). Any advice? Thanks

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  1. Why don't you just read the board? You don't seem to be requesting anything unusual, or specific, even. Last time I checked, college students can eat the same food as everyone else.

    1. Hi Rep123. Have you been to Victoria Seafood on Comm Ave? It is cheap for lunch, authentic, chock full of students and rather good. Try the crab with pea pod shoots.

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          Does Victoria Seafood still have the twin lobster special? What is the price now?

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            Victoria's serves unpleasantly unfresh food. I would recommend you never eat there... though they do manage to make the whole block smell good sometimes with their kitchen exhaust.

          2. Hello. Bova's bakery in the N. End is great. They not only have the best cannolis in the city IMO, but they do have big calzones that could feed you for 2 days! Steve's on Newbury & Hereford is good for an inexpensive breakfast or Greek meal. My friend and I went for breakfast yesterday and including tip it came to $13 a person. Franklin Cafe is always a good bet. They're consistently delicious and the price is not too bad. I think you'll find there are a lot of places around to fit your budget. One thing my friends and I would do if we wanted to go somewhere in the non fast food/cheap eats category, yet not spend a fortune was to order a bunch of appetizers and share them or split an appetizer or two and then split a meal.