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Jan 31, 2009 12:40 PM

Saucisson a l'ail in Westchester?

I'm making cassoulet next week and the recipe calls for saucisson a l'ail. I know cassoulet is pretty flexible and there are other things that would work, but I thought it would be fun to actually find this particular sausage.

I've tried Whole Foods in Greenwich, June & Ho and Crisfield's. My husband tried Murray's Real Salami in Grand Central. No luck so far. Monday, I'll try WF in White Plains, but I'm not expecting to really find it.

I'm not interested in mail ordering it or driving really far to get it. So does anyone know of a place somewhere in the Greenwich to Larchmont stretch that might have it? (I'm in Rye Brook.) Maybe somewhere in Larchmont?

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  1. This is amazing, I am planning to make cassoulet next week as well! I was going to try Le Maree in Mamaroneck and Auray in Larchmont. If they don't have it, they can usually order it. I'll let you know what I find out.

    1. Marcia, I just ordered the duck, duck confit and sausages from La Maree. They are also called Portier Fine Foods, Waverly Ave. in Mamaroneck 914-899-9006. My recipe calls for 10 pieces of Toulouse sausages, 10 pieces chopolata sausages and also the Saucisson a l'ail. They have to special order it.

      1. I used to get it at Balducci's in NYC years ago -- you might try the Scarsdale store, though I'd probably just order it from D'Artangnan. In a pinch, you might substitute a cotechino from Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Avenue -- I've resorted to that more than once for cassoulet and its not bad.

        1. It's further, but if you want to drive to Manhattan (at least Harlem), I know Fairway carries it in stock, I just bought some at the Plainview store this week.