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Jan 31, 2009 12:34 PM

Chinatown Nut Allergy - suggestions?

Going out to dinner in chinatown with someone who is severely allergic to nuts - any restaurants that you know of which cater to the nut allergic? She's already ruled out any Thai because they just have nuts everywhere, but I thought there might be some chinese restaurants which would be more doable... thanks!

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  1. Is it nuts or nuts and peanuts? If peanuts are a problem then I would really avoid Chinatown altogether. The risk is just too great esp. since peanut oil is frequently used. Why take the risk.

    1. what SMN said - it really depends on the allergy. I am terribly allergic to walnuts and pecans and avoid most other nuts as a general rule. However, peanuts are a legume and a totally separate allergy. If your friend is tree nut allergic, then there shouldn't be a big problem, altho some places (at least in the burbs) do offer meat and walnut stir frys which can lead to cross contamination issues. if your friend is peanut allergic, don't do oriental at all.