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Jan 31, 2009 12:23 PM

Hampton Eats?

Hey all!

Going to see a few shows at Hampton Coliseum in March and am looking for some good eats nearby.

We will have a rental car, but would prefer not to drive too far. A few of us are vegetarian.

Specifically looking for an early dinner place (say, 5pm) that can cater to about 8 party people :)!

Also, some good lunch spots.


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    1. re: lavendula

      I'm going to some shows in early March (next week) too! Unfortunately I haven't dug up any culinary gems yet. It looks like all strip malls and chain restaurants.

      1. re: brian j

        Yeah, that's what I figured, but thought just maybe there would be something good!

        Olive Garden, here I come!

        1. re: lavendula

          There's a Chick Fil-A just a mile from the venue. As far as fast food goes, it's the best around if you like a delicious friend chickens sandwich. I'll be eating there a plenty :)

    2. You should go to SIX in Hampton (little bar Bistro Group). It's tapas--great bear!!! You're giong to see Phish?

      1. Just a two more days and it seems theres only one restaurant recomendation! Glad i'm not the only head/hound!

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        1. re: edrachman

          Just get a lot burrito. 1 for $3 / 2 for $5.
          Joking. Have phun.

          1. re: SISC

            Well, I must tell you that we tried a bunch of local spots in hampton and the best by far was Harpoon Larry's Oyster Bar. If you ever find yourself visiting the Mothership again, go for it!!