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Jan 31, 2009 11:53 AM

Kalamazoo, MI - old SW/TexMex restaurant...

Anyone remember a Southwestern or Tex Mex type place on the north side of Kalamazoo? I swear the building was green. We're talking about maybe 1995? They had an appetizer called "Dinosaur Eggs", which were just stuffed jalapenos, but they were real good and I want to find a copycat recipe for that dipping sauce.

They had huge margaritas, too. I swear the name was a combo of a typical American name and a Mexican last name, in the vain of Don Pablo's, but that's not it.

Ring a bell with anyone?

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      1. re: Ravenjon

        I also remember it, I know it was there in the late 80's to 90's., I loved the place!!! I didn't get to Kalamzoo much after 1990, so I don't know when it closed, I think it was a chain?

      2. At 131 and W.main st. I think it is now a TGIF. Across from the
        Burger in Paridise used to be ChiChi's when It was good also. Really
        miss those two. My favorite was Carlos Murphy's tho..

        What you are looking for is the iguana eggs with chili dip.. Specifically the
        dip. That Honey chili dip I have been searching for since they went out of
        business. Several friends and I ate lunch there every sunday after a late night
        of saturday night fun. I would have never described it as a sweet chili dip, but that's
        what it was called. It was a honey/mustard and I suspect sour cream was in
        there.. It completed that awesome appetizer.
        Hey, good luck, I've been looking for over 5 years now.. All I know, Is that it was
        sweet, and had honey and mustard in it. I suspect it had sour cream because of
        it's density, or ability to cling onto the jalapeno crust (Hey, great crust as well that
        was no cheap dunk deal, that was good...)

        The nachos there will killer too, noone's beat Carlos Murphy's, an exceptional
        close given to Flanigan's in florida (deerfield beach florida)
        Nachos and Iguana Eggs, almost every sunday
        around noon-1 for my entire twenties. Lot's of good times there!!

        Well, roniea, thanks for taking me back to those memories!!
        <if you ever have any luck, please try to seek me out!!!> Cheers!