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Jan 31, 2009 10:55 AM

Review of Feliccia's Restaurant and Deli in Vista, CA

Not so good.

1. Brought out bread that was decent. It was overly salty, but on the plus side the butter was left out so it was soft and spreadable. The bread was nice and crusty.

2. We (wife and I) ordered a bruschetta, absolutely drenched in olive oil, covered in onions, but the bread was pretty good.

Me: I had a plate of ravioli and a couple of meatballs. The ravioli looked like it was premade, frozen stuff. the sauce was tasteless and the cheese inside was really not so good. The meatballs had no taste to them and had the consistancy of wet sawdust.

Wife: Had a vegetable soup and a vege sandwich. Vegetable soup was really....really...bad. Wow. The carrots and potatoes tasted like they had been frozen then put into the soup. The soup itself looked like dirty dishwater, and really didn't taste all that different. Thankfully, they took it off the bill. The sandwich was nothing special. The bread was again very salty for some reason.

Service: The lady who served us was nice. And like I said before, when she saw my wife didn't like the soup, she took it off the bill.

Overall: 2/10 I give them the two for kindness and service...but I would not go to eat there again.

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  1. That's too bad about your experience.

    For my experience, I adore the Calzone at this place. But that's all we've ever eaten there, and at that we've gotten it maybe 20 times over the last 10 years. But it was great everytime.

    But maybe it's because their calzone is what they're primarily known for. That, and for the fact that their daughter Gina went on to star in Broadway plays, which is why Feliccia's also has a small restaurant that serves the Moonlight Amphitheater.

    Of course, don't let me hype the calzone. Part of my liking for it might have to do with a bit of nostalgia thrown in. But if you ever give them another chance (don't know that I would blame you if you don't) maybe try calling ahead for the calzone to go. If you do, don't forget the marinara on the side for dipping!

    1. I find onions on bruschetta a little odd.