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Jan 31, 2009 10:49 AM

The Blue Horse Restaurant & Tavern

My mother and I are planning a Bridal shower here. I have not been there since it was Marabella's and since it has opened, I have read a lot of bad reviews, but many of them are several years old.

Has anyone been there recently, within 6 months or so?

I'm wondering if we should pick a different place!

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  1. It's okay, but nothing special. I would suggest the Blue Bell Inn across the street. They have banquet rooms available and the food is much better.

    1. Have not been there for dinner recently - just happy hour for drinks and bar menu. That was good but probably not what you are looking for!

      Blue Bell Inn is good or Coleman's up the street on 202!

      1. I went for dinner a few months ago and really enjoyed it; in fact, my husband and I are going there for dinnner again tonight. Very nice atmosphere. I'd say stick with it.

        Regarding the Blue Bell Inn I actually considered hosting a bridal shower there a year or so ago and when I went for a look through, I found it really really old fashioned.