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Jan 31, 2009 10:35 AM

Bamboo Steamer? for tamales...

I am allergic to wheat as well food additves and other things so Iike to keep a stash of home made tamales in the freezer for a quick protein-starch meal. I find the microwave doesn't cut it --they need to be steamed. The stainless steel steamer that I am using now allows plenty of room for water in the bottom but is not a tight fit on the pot and tends to steam up the whole kitchen. (I generally steam for 20 minutes) The electric plug in plastic steamer which I have used for bigger batches tends to get the masa too tender and usually I just steam one or two at a time anyway. I just heard from a friend that bamboo steamers work great BUT YOU HAVE TO STEAM THEM OUT THOROUGHLY FIRST TO GET THE BAMBOO FLAVOR OUT. Wow. My bamboo steamer is in the back of my pickup right now waiting to go to the thrift store because it made the food taste so gnarly. Or maybe I already dumped it.. . Anyway anyone else have this experience with Bamboo steamers? Any other tips on good small quantity steaming?

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  1. I use a metal steamer in a pot with a nice fitting lid. And YES 20 minutes is a good time, but I never felt that the kitchen steamed up.