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Jan 31, 2009 08:24 AM

Camana Peruvian in Greensboro?

Has anyone tried this new restaurant yet? It's on W Market.

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  1. Negative but here's a link to Carl Wilson's thoughts:

    It's on my list of places to try but I can never resist the temptation of La Vaca Romana tacos across the street (that coincidentally used to be housed in Camana's location) when I'm in that area of town.

    1. I ate lunch at Camana with my girlfriend about a week ago. The menu was small, but offered some good variety. We avoided the dishes like fried rice that seemed to have a predominant Asian influence.

      She had the marinated grilled pork (I can't recall the Spanish name) with fried plantains and fried corn kernels as sides. The fried corn was interesting--huge kernels flash fried and salted. They were quite crunchy and tasty, but really more of a snack than a side dish. The pork was good and the plantains were fantastic.

      I had the 'Secco con Frejoles,' stewed beef and beans served over rice with cilantro, and yucca as a side. The beef was incredibly tender (I couldn't even break it into pieces with my fork--it fell apart when touched) and the beans and rice were very good as well. The yucca was super crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. All in all, a very satisfying dish.

      Both dishes were lunch specials. One was $6.95 and the other $7.95, and both came with a salad and a drink. The salads were nice: lettuce and radicchio with tomatoes, carrots, celery, and pickled red onions with a very lemony, creamy vinaigrette. Bright and fresh.

      For desert we had 'Arroz con Leche,' basically a loose rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon. It was also very good.

      In general, it was a very good meal, especially for the relatively low price tag. The flavors were a little less bold than I had expected, but that wasn't a problem. We will be going back and I'd highly recommend trying Camana out.

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