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Jan 31, 2009 07:45 AM

Witte Uyl Amsterdam

I eat out quite a lot, most often in Rotterdam where I live, or Amsterdam where some good friends live. And never had we heard of de Witte Uyl, until I read about it here...we visited, and really liked the place - just good food, without doomed temptations to go wild, but certainly not standard - well prepared nice ingredients, tast y stuff. And pretty good wines, including the always great Charles Heidsieck brut reserve champagne. Thanks Chowhounders!

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  1. We will be going from Amstedam to Rotterdam to pick up a Holland America cruise ship (the Rotterdam, no less) and will have some time before we board - anything great to try for quick eats near the dock area or between the Rotterdam train station and the HAL dock? Thanks. I understand the docks are near the Wilhelminia subway stop

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      Welcome to Rotterdam! The metro stop you mention is correct. Well, directly on Wilhelminakade you have Hotel New York, which once was the departure lounge for the HAL. The restaurant is a simple brasserie. Nothing fancy or special though the plateau fruits de mer is decent. It fits your theme, and the location is very nice. There are other places near the HAL docks, but none of those has ever made me really happy.

      Though, a great nearby foody neighborhood is directly on the other side of the river: the Veerhaven. You can easily take a water taxi at Hotel New York (a little boat which will bring you to the docks for 3 euro’s in about 5 minutes) and all restaurants are within no more then let’s say one or two minutes walking. The best in my opinion would be Huson at Scheepstimmermanslaan 14 – very recommended and they serve quick but good lunches (and multi course dinners as well). A nice place for fish is Zeezout at Westerkade 11. Furthermore there is good pizza a La Pizza at Scheepstimmermanslaan 21, good thai at Warisan at Westerkade 20. Fugu is a pretty nice Japanese place with good wines, and Lulu which combines several Asian cuisines. Pizza, Fugu, Warisan and Lulu are quite affordable and should be able to serve you quickly, the other ones a bit more upmarket, but they should serve you a nice menu under 50,-. All and all, Huson is my favorite in this area. Afterwards a coffee at hotel New York?
      Enjoy your meals!

    2. De Witte Uyl really is great! The 1920s interior, the unusual menu from which guests pick two main courses but no starters and the knowledgeable hostess.

      If you like De Witte Uyl, you might also want to try Marius in Westerpark and Balthazar's Keuken in the Jordaan. Both great food places with creative, super fresh quality food.

      What Rotterdam restaurant(s) would you recommend to someone who loves De Witte Uyl?


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        Thanks for the tips! The one that comes to mind is Mme Maigret in Rotterdam Noord, at Gerard Scholtenstraat 37. It is somewhat like a place you would find if you go off the highway in France into a little village to grab a bite. Good French fare, tasty, honest, sometimes with an original twist. The owner once had a wine shop an has a different wine by the glass with every dish. You won't find any big wine names, no blockbuster wines, but honest well made wines which go well with food. Very nice place. Enjoy!