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Jan 31, 2009 07:19 AM

Need late night Venice restaurant ideas; 11p+

All - I'm fairly familiar with Venice and already have plans for Saturday mapped out. Unfortunately, I arrive at my hotel (near San Marco) around 11p on a Friday. Any late night ideas? Room service does not appeal.

Many thanks, safe travels - JNB

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  1. Near San Marco, might try Aciugheta or Bistrot de Venise. A better choice is Banogiro on Campo San Giacometto by the Rialto, a 10 minute walk from San Marco if one takes the short way.

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      Thanks... looks like I might get there before 10 now. I love Bancogiro, so may end up there. If anyone has additional wine bar ideas near San Marco which are open until 11 or later, I'd love to hear them.

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        You could try Cavatappi in Campo della Guerra. Great wines and good snacks, too. They should be open until 11.

        Devil's Forest and Inishark are both open LATE and while you'll not find glamor in either, you'll be able to get a drink and a sandwich. Inishark is just off Campo Santa Maria Formosa on Salizada San Lio and Devil's Forest is off Campo San Bartolomeo. L'Olandese Volante, in Campo San Lio, has sandwiches and french fries and they are open until midnight or so. All of these are bars, but come in handy if you show up really late and starving.

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          I think al Mascareta is open until past midnight. Vino Vino is open until 11pm.