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Jan 31, 2009 06:21 AM

Sunday breakfast between Toronto and NOTL?

Driving to Niagara-on-the-Lake tomorrow (Sunday) morning and am looking for a casual spot to stop for breakfast and read the paper along the way. My first choice, The Pie Plate in Virgil, is closed on Sundays in the winter. Right now I'm thinking either The Fifth Wheel truck stop in Grimsby or the Red Rooster in NOTL. Any thoughts on either of these places? Greasy spoon atmosphere doesn't bother me, but bad food does.

I briefly considered Olsen Foods in Port Dalhouise, but it doesn't look like they serve a hot breakfast -- please correct me if I'm wrong.

Has anyone ever had breakfast at the Epicurean? Their site says they start serving "lunch" at 9AM, but makes no mention of breakfast. I'm guessing that quiches are the most breakfast-y things they have.

Any other options that I'm missing out on along the QEW, maybe in Hamilton or St. Catherines?

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  1. It's been a couple of years, but Red Rooster was pretty good for a standard breakfast when we went. Seems like the type of place that would remain consistent.

    1. A place we like to go to for breakfast is Mitzy's Diner in St. Catharines. It was formerly known as Singer's Lunch, it's on Lakeport Road, on the edges of Port Dalhousie. It's a real "locals" type of breakfast spot. Very good, reasonably priced breakfasts, and very easy to get to off the QEW.

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        Thanks, peasandcarrots, we went to Mitzy's Diner and it fit the bill perfectly. Time has stood still in that place, hasn't it?!

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          TorontoJo, glad to hear that you liked Mitzi's Diner. It's really old school, isn't it?

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            Absolutely. I'm guessing that our waitress has worked there for about 40 years. It wasn't a spectacular breakfast, but it certainly hit the spot that morning.

      2. if you are just looking for straight bacon and eggs style breakfast then the one at Fifty Road and QEW is prob the best bet for a quick and easy breakfast.

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          I've always wondered if that place at Fifty Road (Stop 50?) was any good. Did you say it was probably the best bet because you have eaten there, or because it's in a quick and easy location?

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            It is where I stop with my father on a Saturday morning if we are not staying in Hamilton for breakfast. Good sausauge, and potatoes, but I have never had anything other than the standard breakfast there. In Hamilton I got the RanchHouse on Queenston and Walter.

        2. Olsen Foods in Port is great (and open on sundays), and they do serve hot dishes, like sandwiches, pizza, etc. but not sure if they have breakfasts specifically.

          1. hello im from the notl area and if you are looking for good food try the epicurean
            their chef was just writtin up in a mag cant remember which one but the food is very good, also the angel inn in notl. as far as the red rooster id stay away
            also if you want a fine meal on the way in on 55 hwy at the corner of mary and 55 is a place called rest thats all there is outside, its in the plaza right hand side great food a little pricey but delicious stuff. the olsens have opened up a new place on york road in st davids, a quaint place serving great sandwiches right beside a winery new outside tables on the deck great place give it a try you wont be dissapointed,