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Jan 31, 2009 06:06 AM

Wilson's Farm Style Place North of Boston?

I Recently moved from Cambridge to Chelsea and it's a bit of a slog to head out to Lexington and I love Wilson's Farm. I'm looking for a similar type place north or east of here to get some interesting fresh produce or specialty items. I know there are some farm type places where I have gone apple picking, and I think some of them have little markets attached, but I'm not sure exactly where they are any more. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not really like Wilson's Farm, but still worth visiting is Mann's Orchards in Methuen. Great baked goods, and nice produce. Also, Butcher Boy in North Andover has lots of great gourmet items as well as fantastic meat.

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      Lexington is not that far from Chelsea, certainly closer than Methuen or North Andover. Simply take route 16 aka Revere Beach Parkway, to route 2. The rest is the same as from

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        During the Big Dig, I always cut through Chelsea when driving from Logan to Lincoln. I agree completely that the drive from Chelsea to Wilson Farms is not that big a deal: probably half an hour or less. (It used to take me 45 minutes from Logan to Lincoln in the middle of the evening rush hour.)

    2. East...of Chelsea?

      North, I assume you are thinking of Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, right off MA-150 just south of the NH Line.

      Wilson Farm is closer, of course....

      1. Isn't there some produce market, with an Italian name, on Rt 16 or 60 in the Revere area?

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          New Deal Fruit Market at Broadway and Rt 60 in Revere, might be what you are thinking about and its a good overall market: it has a better overall italian selection than something like Roberto's fruit, but Roberto's has a more complete and slightly better selected produce display. I do encourage making the trip from Chelsea, you can get fresh pasta next door, there is an Italian bakery right there but I think Espositio's on 60 is better. And El Madina is worth a visit too. If you take a ride down Broadway, check out the market at Revere street for latino goods. The Revere flea market at the cinema doesn't have great produce options, but in season there is are farmers markets in Chelsea and Revere at Wonderland.

          In Chelsea itself, you can do cash and carry at many vendors in the Boston Market Terminal. There are some vendors which sell smaller quantities -- on Market Street right across from the terminal entrance, Holden Fruit on Beacham sometimes, and others. If you have the time its worth a visit there and then buy everything else you need at Market Basket nearby (which is one of the busiest, but is quick). Piantedosi in Malden is also fairly convenient, but bread only, and allows you to visit Rosebud and the Super88 for some more produce options.

          The OP might also try their luck with Haymarket -- you'll pay $3 for the bridge, but parking is inexpensive with valadation for the parcel 7 garage at the indoor vendors (only). Its also only a bus ride away, whereas most others definately require a car.

        2. I go to Callarusso's in Reading, and also Pace's Market in Saugus. Another place I like
          is Farmland in Wakefield. They are all north of Boston, but except for Pace's in Saugus, don't know if they are as close as Wilson's is to you.

          I googled Wilson's farm when I first wanted to go and got the back road directions. I
          was surprised to see how close it really is to me. I think it's super expensive though and prefer Callarusso's prices.

          Oh and wecome to the North Shore. BTW, they have farmer's markets in Chelsea, Eastie and Medford in the summer months. Here's the link:

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            I, too, frequent Caleresso's on Route 28 in Reading, produce is definitely fresher than the supermarket stuff

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              That said, unlike Wilson's Farm, they do not grow their own produce. (Don't forget to get the lovely snowflake-style dinner rolls at Harrow's pot pies next door - the pot pies are OK, but the rolls are much better than the rolls at Caleresso's).

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                I realize that - we are produce market wasteland up North~