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Jan 31, 2009 05:51 AM

Just Eat by Brown Gold - Never again

Maybe we had an off night - but we tried Just Eat by Brown Gold. Sorry, I know I said I would head to Lime Light this Friday, but we were looking for a BYOB. So - headed to Just Eat. The best thing about this restaurant was the server. He was cute and very attentive. The atmosphere and the food - no so much. We got there about 7:30 and the restaurant was about 1/4 full. They were playing this awful Jazz music - and not lightly in the background, but Blasting. We couldn't even hear each other talk. I had a squash soup that was mediocre. It had nice spice and a hint of nutmeg, but was watery. My husband had the vegetable pot pie. The server brought it out with oven mitts because it was so hot - which it was... Well the bowl was anyway. The inside was ICE COLD. We are not usually the "send it back" type, but this was too much. We just had to ask for it to be heated up. The server was really sweet about it and brought out a piping hot version on round two. The pot pie did have nice big chunks of squash and other veggies. It was ok, but did not knock our socks off. I had the Grilled Tuna Skewers. Again, it was just alright - two pieces, about a square inch each. Not too much flavor.
Like I said, maybe it was us or maybe it was a bad night for them, but I think it will be a while before we visit Just Eat again.

What BYOBs are you visiting in Bucks County?

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  1. My two cents-- yes, it sounds like it was an off night. I've been there ten times, maybe? The food has been, on the whole, really decent. I think the atmosphere's fairly cozy. Nice lighting, tasteful, whimsical decor-- I do think it's a little pricey, so we don't go that often, but I would definitely give it another shot if I were you. Maybe vegetarian stuff is a weak spot there, I don't know, because I don't tend to order that.

    One good BYOB I can think of is La Campagna in Quakertown. Not the best atmosphere, but the food makes it worth it.

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      Thanks for the rec watercress. I am curious about other eateries in Quakertown, the qmart draws me in like a giant magnet but I know there is other turf to explore there. Any other places you like in that neck of the woods?

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      1. Not at all reflective of our experiences. Have been there several times over the past few years as a couple, with other couples, with our kids. Never disappointed. Food is terrifc, desserts tremendous and we enjoy the casual but upscale atmosphere.

        1. There probably isn't a single chowhound regular who hasn't come across a trashing of his or her favorite restaurant on these boards. When that happens, we scratch our heads and wonder whether the reviewer actually went to the same restaurant. We wonder how could anyone have had such a negative experience at a place that's been uniformly positive for us.
          Well, this is such a review. Let's assume that you did, indeed, go to Just Eat. Distilling your complaints down to their essence, you found the music too loud, the soup cold and the portions small. The server responded to your request to heat up the soup. In fact, you found him cute. I've never walked away from a meal at Just Eat thinking that what I had just eaten lacked taste. In general, Marc and his staff are thoughtful about their preparations and their food is anything but generic.

          We've been enjoying Just Eat regularly since it opened and have not had any similar experiences. In fact, if you search these pages, you'll find some rather positive comments by others about the place. So, I'd conclude that you did come on an off night and encourage you to give it another chance.

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