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Jan 31, 2009 05:37 AM

Ideas for a special birthday dessert to mail?

I'm planning to mail my sister some kind of treat for her birthday. I found some posts about mailing desserts, which have been helpful in suggesting how to package and ship the food.

I'm still wondering, though, whether there is any general rule about what kind of desserts will stay tasty and attractive after spending a couple of days in the mail.

I would also love some ideas for what to make that tastes (and looks) special. She appreciates interesting desserts ... nothing too out-there, but certainly beyond basic brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Ideas?

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  1. how about some sort of liqueur-soaked cake? that would likely remain moist during transit.

    i *always* ship my baked goods using overnight/next-day delivery to ensure freshness. it can be really pricey depending on how far you're sending it, but i think the extra expense is worth it for a special occasion or gift.

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      Yes - the alcohol really helps. I love the Grand Marnier cake with chocolate chips in The Cake Bible.

    2. Does it have to be a pastry/cake based dessert? Reason I ask is that my DD has her B-day in Dec while at college. We made salty caramels from scratch as well as pecan pralines and they boxed and shipped very well. Is there a type of candy you can make for your sister? Chocolates would ship very well in the cold. Just a thought.

      1. Just A Suggestion: To avoid a lot of work in making, packing, delivery cost and anxiety about safe arrival.......would you possibly know of a good bakery in your sister's area? Call them and find out what they have to offer and have it delivered to her door on or before the special event.

        I have a son that lives some distance away, and this method works best for me.

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          I sent my son a Nigella chocolate loaf cake (infused with chocolate syrup) for his birthday at college and he said that it arrived tasting fine. I believe the recipe can be found in her Domestic goddess book. Possibly online and/or at Food network.