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Jan 31, 2009 05:05 AM

Stoneham lunch...Rang or Tres Amigos?

We're in Cambridge, so spoiled with choices, but for a small (6-7) group of second-graders attending a play in Stoneham for a birthday party we need something close by for lunch beforehand. If Rang's is anywhere near the mediocrity of most Indian restaurants (one of us is an NRI so it matters) we'll skip it, but dd is a fan of Mexican (and her authenticity meter isn't as keen in that department as ours is!). Other suggestions in the area will be welcomed, also note that this would be a Sunday in case that matters. I've searched the other posts on Stoneham but not seeing the guidance I need here. We'll have lunch nearer to home if necessary, too.

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  1. I work nearby and visit both. I really enjoy Rang, but I can't speak to its authenticity, but between the two I think it has a more comfortable environment in which to enjoy a meal and the lunch prices are pretty reasonable.

    Three Amigos is a nice little family run place with what I would call somewhat Americanized Mexican (It;s no Angela's) but it is good. Usually I go with the burritos, enchiladas or tacos, good prices, honest food, but not much of an atmosphere. Do take a look at the special black board near the kitchen for some off menu items.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more definitive in one direction or the other, but Mexican and Indian are far enough apart in my spectrum that it usually comes down to which I am more in the mood for.

    It was a little unclear to me whether the kids would be dining with you but if that's the case, I might give the nod to Three Amigos, because it does have a "Gringo" menu, just to play it safe.

    Both places are open Sundays

    1. I like Rang in Stoneham, and it is right in the square. I have only used Tres Amigos for take out. THere is a fun Mexican place in nearby Melrose- Mexico Lindo, right on Main Street in Melrose.

      1. My vote would be for Tres Amigos. I used to work in the area and have tried both places many times. Rang is just a run-of-the-mill Indian place like many others around the Boston area. The food is certainly not bad but is also nothing special. I much prefer Tres Amigos. For the Boston area their version of Mexican food is pretty darn good. I really like their version of Chilli Verde and usually order it in the burrito. I also really like their refried beans.

        Another place you might consider is Felicia's which is also right in the center of Stoneham. It is a fairly consistent Italian/American style place with pretty good food and substantial portions. Stick with the basics and you will do okay but I especially like their Suppa de Vongole which is a large portion of Littleneck Clams steamed in either a white wine or marinara sauce. They give you lots of sift bread to soak up the sauce after you have finished the clams.

        1. Since you have some second-graders, don't ignore Polcari's which is about a mile down Montvale Avenue from Main St, Stoneham. They have always been very kid-friendly to us (2 granddaughters, 6 and 8). It's well worth a call!