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Jan 31, 2009 04:31 AM

Helados Vazquez in Bridgeport, CT for Gelato!!!!!

We stopped here late last night for dessert. It was our first time here and boy oh boy did we get a real treat!!! I had some of the best gelato that I have ever had before! It was so creamy and so full of flavor. They had about a dozen flavors available. They also cook about 4-5 different mexican foods every day if you choose to dine there. They place is also beautiful. They did a nice job remodeling. This place is a must stop destination. Their address is:
2871 Fairfield Ave in the Black Rock section right down from Ash Creek Saloon, Bridgeport, CT. I'll be checking this place out for dinner very soon.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation along with TracyGeo. I stopped in last week. Helados Vazquez really does have some of the best gelato I have had. They did a great job with renovating the place and keep in extremely clean. The homemade and authentic Mexican dishes were a real treat. The freshly prepared tortillas and high quality food was a nice surprise and a welcome addition to my list of Mexican dining options. I had the beef soup and chicken enchiladas. The enchiladas were far superior to the typical heavy, overly sauced, and super cheesy ones. Price point is superb, $8 for entrees & BYOB. I look forward to going back again soon.

    1. I just heard some bad news. I just got word today that they are closing. I hear that today/tonight is there last night. It's a shame because they were a good place and to me it seemed like they were busy.

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          oh your information from a reliable source?

          1. re: RatherBeFishing

            This is sad news indeed. Beautiful room, great prices (cheap!), delicious gelato...

            1. re: luvarugula

              I drove by there a couple of weeks ago right around dinner time. The place was totally dark.

            2. re: RatherBeFishing

              Confirmed- I am friends with the owners. Very sad, was my go-to for the nights when I don't want to cook and within walking distance.

              We had them cater our wedding! :(

              1. re: damnlamb

                VERY SAD!! Why did they close? I loved that place as well!