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Jan 30, 2009 09:33 PM

Corton- expectations not met

I was so excited to enjoy my birthday dinner at Corton. With so many rave reviews and 4 stars I didn't think I could go wrong. Sadly, I have a few grievances. First the $35 supplement for the truffle pasta- the noodles only tasted like gouda. There were truffle pieces but nothing tasted like truffle. I said something to the wait staff and they took it off the bill. Next I had the beef. The sirloin was a little over cooked and honestly I feel like I got a better piece of meat at Trader Joes. Overall the portions were very small. We had to eat bread to feel full. The desserts were so-so. The brioche was like old french taste. Overall the service was attentive and gracious, but the food was lacking. We had a lovely tasting menu the week before at Dovetail that was much better and the next day a superb rack of lamb at Commerce. I would spend your hard earned mone somewhere else. Corton is overrated.

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  1. Strange. Had a birthday dinner at Corton last Saturday and my expectations were exceeded. Between the four of us we tried three different appetizers (two orders of the hamachi), three entrees (two orders of the lobster), and four deserts. Each dish was a hit. Everything was expertly prepared and, to be honest, it was significantly more memorable than a similar dinner for four at Dovetail last year.

    While not the best meal I have had in Manhattan, in its price range Corton stands up well. I easily put it on par with the best meal I have had at Blue Hill and, frankly, I thought it was comparable to a meal I had at Ko two months ago.

    Perhaps just an off night?

    My one complaint is that the owner needs to get out of the dining room when he is reprimanding staff (or shooting dirty looks). The last thing I want when I am trying to have a good time is some jerk demeaning his employees.