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Jan 30, 2009 09:29 PM

Truffles at Four Seasons - Winterlicious

We have reserved a spot for Winterlicious at Truffles in the Four Seasons Hotel. Has anyone been to Truffles? I have heard mixed reviews about the place but am wondering if any chowhounders have any opinion on the food at this place?

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  1. Hi

    I just got back from Truffles on a date. Here’s my advice:

    Try not to be bothered when no one takes your coat or offers you a chance to order a cocktail. Order any coffee or tea when you first make your prix fixe selections, otherwise you won’t be offered any. Don’t, under any circumstances, order the plonk from their “winterlicious wine selections.” They are all marked up ~% 400 (We’re talking about $50 screwtop bottles here, and a genuine outrage.)

    Instead, make them bring you a beer. Then tuck your napkin into your collar, get your elbows up on the table and set your blinking iphone down next to your cutlery. Take some satisfaction in being a Winterlicious customer, because you’ll surely be treated like one.

    Oh, and enjoy the very, very good, if traditional, French food.

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      That's so funny! Probably because that was our experience a couple of years ago, minus the very good food.

      The place that I found Winterlicious fairly good was at Auberge. Went again on Monday and I was quite satisfied.

    2. Truffles has gone downhill (meals not up to the standards they had built for themselves, though the service was usually fine). I went to Winterlicious last year there as well, and I didn't think the food was very good though my friends enjoyed it (and the service, again, wasn't very bad even when it was a Winterlicious dinner).

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