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Jan 30, 2009 08:39 PM

Good place for Chicken Salad/Tuna Salad

We used to live in KY and there was a restaurant where my mom loved getting their chicken salad plate, came with warm honey drizzled croissants, fresh fruit, and the chicken salad had grapes and walnuts and was made with very creamy mayo or yogurt based dressing. Would love to find something similiar here to surprise her. I read a post that the chicken salad at Le Madeline's is good, is it the kind with grapes/nuts in it? Substantial pieces of chicken is also desired...

I also love albacore tuna salad, but not a big fan of celery so prefer it in big chunks I can pick out or tiny pieces that I won't be so aware of. I know I'm picky LOL

What about Swirl Bakery I think they have both, anyone tried them? Please save me from the Arby's chicken salad, I do love it but I know I shouldn't LOL

(I'm in Lewisville/Flower Mound and like to stay within 20minute drive of here)

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  1. This may sound crazy, but the best ,most flavorful Chicken Salad I've had in the DFW area is the "Apricot Chicken Salad" sold at Central Market-it is divine :) They also have other Chicken Salad versions but I like that one so much I have never tried the others. It is sold in their Cafe On The Run/Deli sections.

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      Actually i bought a tub of that last month and I thought it was very good .... but honestly that was the first time I have ever eaten apricot LOL I ended up picking most of it out because there was too much for me. I much prefer grapes or apples and nuts.

      Does anyone make their chicken salad with something other than mayo? When I make it with mayo it just doesn't have that creaminess that restaurant or deli made salads seem to have. Someone told me that they use yogurt sometimes, or maybe something else? I've never tried anything but mayo at home.

      1. re: FlowerMoundGirl

        I make mine with a mixture of real mayonnaise and low-fat or non-fat plain yogurt that I've thickened by letting it sit in my yogurt drainer for a while. You could use cheesecloth or buy Greek yogurt, which is drained for you, but that is much more expensive.

        My chicken salad has celery, shallot, toasted walnuts, and occassionally grapes. It's really good with sliced avocado on top. I also put just a touch of mustard in the dressing. I'm going to make basil chicken salad this year, as soon as my garden starts producing.

        I haven't found a chicken salad I really like around here. Jason's Deli ruins it for me with pineapple, Costco's curried chicken salad is sickly sweet, Corner Bakery loads theirs up with currants.

        There are several little old lady tea rooms around that might have more what you're looking for, but personally I'm not a big fan of the atmosphere of those places.

        1. re: Chile Pepper

          Haha what do you consider a little old lady tearoom... my mom is 80 so she might enjoy them? Do tell ....

          1. re: FlowerMoundGirl

            I don't know your area well. But where I live, in Richardson, there's the Chocolate Angel and there's also a tea room called Mary Ellen's on Beltline and Coit. Perfect for an 80 year old.

            1. re: Chile Pepper

              Just looked at the online menu for Chocolate Angel and I can't wait to go there now... they have a Chocolate Angel Too in Carrollton. Thanks for the tip!

    2. Just poked around online and found the Swirl Bakery menu, they have 5 different kinds of Chicken Salad, I might have to break down and get some today!

      1. Best tuna salad sandwich i've had in Dallas was the, Market Diner on Harry Hines Blvd.

        1. I think that Neiman Marcus has great chicken salad and tuna salad in both their casual and more formal restaurants