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Jan 30, 2009 08:33 PM

Cities of Mckinney or Greenville TX Local Spot

Looking for a local spot for breakfast or lunch in the cities of Greenville or Mckinney or nearby towns that is open on the weekends. Thanks

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  1. bill smith's cafe in mckinney on 380. nothing super exciting but good value, homey atmosphere. supposedly there's a good bbq place somewhere out around greenville or princeton. forget the name tho.

    1. In McKinney, for lunch:

      Thai Pan - there's more on the menu not posted there

      Hutchins - decent bbq

      Cafe Malaga (tapas) is open for lunch on Saturday -

      I'm not a huge fan, but some people like Spoons, which is on the historic square - - and I think they serve breakfast

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        I ate (for the first time) at Spoons for lunch today. I had the Frito Pie (that's been a discussion lately). Ehhh, on the low side of average. The chili had kind of a funky taste, maybe old, maybe canned. It wasn't awful, but not something I'd rec or order again. My friend had the turkey sand and a cup of tomato basil. She was pretty non-plused as well, saying something about not much flavor.

        All that said though - I don't think I've ever received faster service anywhere. Arriving at 1:30 Wed., albeit a basic holiday week, the place was packed. There were 2 groups of 2 before us, but even so, we were seated quickly. We placed our drink and food orders at the same time. The drinks arrived pronto with the food only about a minute behind.

        So, if you have a limited amount of time and are willing to possibly sacrifice some on the food, you may want to give Spoons a try.

        They serve breakfast all day - but I think some days they're only open until 3 p.

        Spoons Cafe
        100 E Louisiana St, McKinney, TX 75069

      2. I second Cafe Malaga in McKinney-Fabulous Food. If you go, make sure you try the Gambas Shrimp and the Bacon Wrapped Dates.

        1. Thanks for the great ideas. Actually we were heading to East Texas from Dallas this morning and we left before the replies came in. We stopped for breakfast in Allen at this wonderful little bakery/restaurant call Viola. It's several blocks west of 75 on Mcdermott. I think that the owner used to bake for Eatsy's. There were delicious breads. My husband had a crepe and sweet roll and I had the smoked turkey sandwich which was good and made to order. The sandwich line is similar to a mini Eatsys.
          Next time we are headed in that direction, we will try your suggestions.

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          1. re: chocolateanything

            I like the pan bagnat sandwich at Voila, if you like tuna. Good bread too. I also recommend Malaga although not really for lunch or breakfast, I like to go for dinner and sit at the bar, they will let you taste a lot of wines so you end up with one you really like and their list is pretty nice considering it's rather small and value oriented. To be honest though the bacon wrapped dates aren't really my favorite, I prefer almost everything else but especially the goat cheese piquillo peppers.

          2. Voila is closed. Had me interested