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potato tacos, or is it potato taquitos

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i remember there was a joint or two, or perhaps three that serves these up and specializes in them, where to?

i could probably eat a few dozen of these, easy.

i guess it's basically mashed potatoes with a hint of peppers.


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  1. Taco Loco in Laguna Beach has (IMO) really good potato tacos

    1. El Atacor #11 is well regarded (by me too) as is My Taco (haven't been yet).

      I find that these are merely salsa delivery vehicles.

      1. I have had them at Pink Taco in Vegas...They probably have them at the one in Culver city.

        1. Taco trucks downtown regularly carry potato tacos.
          Or at least "my" troca.

          1. Not 100% sure, but I think Tacos Por Favor has them on the menu.

            1. don antonios has crispy potato tacos. and i think lares does too - but i'm not 100%, maybe check their website. both on pico in wla.

              1. CHRONIC TACOS.

                Holy God are they good. And if you get them to put the cheese inside with the potatoes... ohhhhhhhh Lordy.

                Another great potato taco is El Taco Nazo, if you can tear yourself away from the fish and shrimp tacos.

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                  das, where's chronic tacos, and also what cheese do they put in there.

                  i just had one of loteria grill's mashed potato and rajas tacos and it was pretty good. along with the chiccharones de queso.

                  1. re: kevin

                    Zillions of locations. www.eatchronictacos.com

                    The cheese is shredded Mexican blend and normally goes on top.

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                    There goes the diet - fish, shrimp and potato, one of each!!!

                  3. Tortas Ahogadas La Raza in North Hollywood has excellent tacos de papa.These aren't rolled, just regular tacos dorados.

                    1. This is the one -- My Taco. Very special potato taco and the best asada sope I ever had.

                      My Taco (try the potato taco and asada sope)
                      6300 York Blvd Ste 4
                      Los Angeles, CA, 90042
                      (323) 256-2698


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                        JeetJet.. Havent been to My Taco but I remember an article in the LA Times a few years back and its been on my radar since. I plan to zero in soon.. Thanks!

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                          I was there earlier today and had my first potato taco -- struck me as nothing special but the fried taco shell was very tasty (light, crispy, and puffy). I bet they make great tortilla chips.

                          1. re: Hershey Bomar

                            Yes! The ultimate delivery system for amazing salsa.

                            1. re: Hershey Bomar

                              Maybe the reason it struck you as nothing special was because it was your first potato taco. At My Taco the flavor of the potato is "special" relaive to most other potato tacos. IMO, it is the flavor of chorizo. Man y other places it just seems to be mashed potato.

                          2. Loteria Grill http://www.loteriagrill.com/
                            Papa con rajas..in tacos or burritos. Just tried it for the first time last Friday and was very pleased.

                            1. Try the potato taquitos as salsa and beer. Very crispy!

                              1. I love them too! Lares in Santa Monica has some yummy ones. It's one of my favorite dishes there--they add a bit of seasoning to the potatoes too.

                                2909 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, California

                                1. Ernie's Al Fresco - a catering truck that has been making the rounds at the Cal Tech campus for a long time. also supposedly the Pasadena Courthouse, Police Department. L.A. DWP and the Music Center. I think Potato Tacos are only available on Fridays.

                                  1. Tacomiendo on Pico near the 405 (right behind that giant lighthouse strip club) does excellent tacos de papa. they do them folded and also rolled up.

                                    11462 Gateway Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

                                      1. SeƱor Fish has them, not rolled, but slightly crispy and with spicy onions with the mashed potatoes.

                                        La Cabinita in Glendale has what I believe they call potato flautas, which are the crispier rolled variety.

                                        And The Press all the way out here in Claremont has great rolled potato taquitos.