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Jan 30, 2009 07:52 PM

Brunch/Breakfast Pittsburgh

Can someone recommend a good brunch/ breakfast place that serves on Saturday. Looking for something along the lines of coca cafe instead of Deluca's although I would also be happy to hear about a new greasy spoon.
Looking for something new.... I have done coca, deluca's, pamelas, jojos, grand concourse etc.
Does anyone have a favorite spot that is not a traditional go to recommendation in the burgh...

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  1. I am a big fan of Drew's Family Restaurant located in Forest Hills on Ardmore Boulevard. They have all of the basic breakfast items very well prepared, and their soups are generally interesting. The owner told me that they leave a pot of stock on the stove every night to make the soups. The breakfast potatoes are really good.

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      I can't say enough about Square Cafe (Regents Square; 1137 south braddock avenue
      pittsburgh, pennsylvania 15218) and my new favorite: Point Brugge Cafe (401 Hastings ST) ... both have excellent brunch selections!

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        I'd go with Point Brugge, but they only have brunch on Sunday, not Saturday. I have been to square cafe once, I like it, but not quite enough to make a return trip after my initial visit 2 years ago.

    2. The challenge is the Saturday part, most of the places I would recommend are only on Sundays. All of my suggestions are plated brunches and not feeding trough brunches like the Grand Concourse. I think Casbah and Point Brugge have been mentioned already and I think do a good job. Currently though, I think Six Penn has the best brunch in the city hands down.

      1. what about the vegetarian-only brunch on the southside that city paper said was the best in town? i forget the name but has anyone been? 26th and sarah i believe

        1. that is zenith.The food is good but by no means great. It does have great atmosphere and a plentiful thrift store where you can shop after you eat..You choose an entree and get the buffet and coffee with it all for $10. Not a bad option.

          1. Toms diner on East Carson has great breakfast food, they have the other location in the South hills. What about Ritters on Baum Blvd? I think they're better than JoJos. I agree with the others on Brugge, just be prepared to wait a while for a table. Bistro 19 serves a decent brunch as well.