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Jan 30, 2009 07:41 PM

Tacos Arabes in Echo Park- What's the deal?

i am generally pretty loyal to the taco zone, but after reading about the tacos arabes truck on logan i decided to give it a shot.

first off, for reasons i could not quite make out, they were not selling tacos arabes. is there a certain day or time one needs to go to get them? it was fairly early, around 8pm, so i very much doubt they were out of them. disappointing.

so i settled for regular tacos, asada and pastor, and they were pretty bad. bland meat and SO greasy. even if they had the homemade tortillas available, they could not have redeemed these tacos.

so i guess i will stick with the zone for now...where else can i get tacos arabes?

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  1. Head down Olympic, east of the 710. There's a truck on the south side of the street after you pass several mariscos trucks. I don't know the actual cross street but there will be a sign near the truck.

    I am actually planning on trying the Tacos Arabes truck you just panned. I need to find out for myself I guess.

    1. Really first-rate tacos arabes at Elvirita's on First St. across from the cemetery in East L.A.

      1. You know, I actually was at the truck Friday night and they were out of the tacos arabes. When my friend asked about it, the owner said that sometimes they sell out or don't make enough of the dish, but that generally they have it throughout the week. Off night I suppose.

        Sorry to hear your experience wasn't up to par. I rarely get their asada or pastor. My usual routine is to a get a quesadilla (usually cabeza or suadero) then a few tacos (lengua, tripes, and buche). As you can see, I tend to favor the less conventional meat choices but I find them to be more tender and flavorful than the usual cuts. I haven't done taco zone yet but will add that to the upcoming week's agenda. Recommendations for my first time at TZ?