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Jan 30, 2009 07:17 PM

Canned peas

A friend just moved and emptied her cupboards unto me. I seem to have a whole lot of canned peas, corn and green beans. Any ideas on any veggie ways I could liven these up... especially the peas. thanks

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  1. Maybe puree them all into a soup? Some onions and celery, carrots into the pot, some broth, meat of your choice and LOTS of tomatoes and herbs.

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    1. re: OCEllen

      I think the soup idea is a good one. Whatever soup you make, add near the end of cooking. Or, cook them up as if they were split peas in a pureed soup with some sauteed onions and carrots. I would also suggest something like a chicken pot pie.

      1. re: dfrostnh

        If you do whiz them up into a soup, I would also add some fresh or frozen peas right near the end of cooking to add a brighter flavor to the peas.

    2. I happen to be one of the few people who apparently likes canned peas. I really like to heat them up and add some smart balance and terriyaki or soy sauce to taste. I like to eat them on toast or wrapped in a warmed flour tortilla, but I'm also in college, so this might not appeal to everyone. I'm assuming you mean vegetarian when you say veggie, I'm vegan so I can offer up a few more ideas. I think canned peas, browned crumbled soyrizo and some pan fried potatoes would make a delicious dish of some sort.

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          Smart Balance is the faux butter spread - very few calories.

          1. re: critter101

            Smart Balance is also good when cholesterol is a concern - I am a fan of unsalted butter so I was not happy with the prospect, but found I do like the SB, which has a darn good buttery taste . I think they may make it in unsalted now but fear that without any salt it might taste like shortening.

            As for the peas, ick. I'd make a batch of split pea soup using a pound bag of dried peas, then puree in some canned peas at the end, tasting and adding more as long as I still liked the flavor of the soup. Canned green beans: 3-bean salad, or the French's green bean casserole if you like it. I think canned corn is the best of the canned vegetables.

          2. re: rozz01

            Sorry this response is late. As critter101 said, its a butter substitute. And as graygarious said, its great when you need to watch your cholesterol. I don't eat any animal products and smart balance organic is by fa the tastiest non-dairy butter out there.

        2. Canned peas with garam masala were something I lived on while backpacking.

          Or add to rice for a stir fry.

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            I was thinking samosas this weekend, but my pastry skills must be seriosly lacking. The potatoes and pes inside were pretty goood though..

            1. re: rozz01

              Have you tried using wonton skins or phyllo? And adding cauliflower?

              1. re: Caralien

                I have woonton skkins, but I was trying to bake instead ofd fry, maybe that was the problem..

                1. re: rozz01

                  Wonton skins can be baked. Spray or oil a cooking sheet, fill the wrappers, then spray the tops. Bake at 350F until heated through. Done!

          2. Sautee some onion in olive oil, add a lot of chopped parsley, cook for a few minutes, add a can of tomatoes, let it reduce some at a simmer, then add a strained can of peas and simmer a few more minutes. Makes a wonderful sauce for pasta, especially buckwheat or whole wheat pastas.

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            1. re: tmso

              Maybe use a little fresh mint? That really transforms frozen peas and it could only help canned ones.

              1. re: karykat

                In this case, I don't think so. You already have the green flavor of the parsley in there to help brighten them up. Mint would just obscure the pea-tomato back and forth that's the core of the sauce.

                1. re: tmso

                  Yes, I agree that mint wouldn't go with your combination. Don't think it would work with the tomatoes. I was more thinking use the mint when doing something with peas on their own.

            2. your local food bank would be happy to get them. seriously, in these times it'd be a better use than trying to to find creative ways to use something that you probably wouldn't use.
              Drain and rinse the peas, combine with chunks of velveeta and miracle whip. Put on your polyester slacks, and don't forget to set the knob on the way back machine to 1972, and enjoy.

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                1. re: janetms383

                  only for special company. For a real treat you can also add green giant mushrooms in the jar.

                2. re: TroyTempest

                  Still wont work, all my polyester is from Hot Topic...

                  1. re: TroyTempest

                    The food bank idea is the best of all. I wish I had thought of it. Unless you are really hungry, you probably will not enjoy eating the canned vegetables as much as you will enjoy knowing that they went to some folks more needy than you!