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Jan 30, 2009 06:11 PM

top 10 food shows of 2009?

what the title says any suggestions?

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  1. I like Ace of Cakes; Iron Chef America; Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives; Ultimate Recipe Showdown; and The Next Food Network Star.

    1. There aren't 10 good food shows. I'd consider myself lucky if there was 5 good ones this year.

      1. Top Five that come to mind:

        Good Eats
        Iron Chef
        Lidia's Italy
        America's Test Kitchen
        Top Chef

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        1. re: yankeefan

          No Reservations
          Restaurant Wars (BBC America)
          Master Chef (BBC - can use a proxy server to watch episodes on BBC IPlayer)
          Top Chef
          Iron Chef

          And reruns of
          Any of Mario batali's shows
          After Hours with Daniel (great show but MOJOHD is no more)
          Kitchen Nightmares (UK Version)

          1. re: chris2269

            ^^ this guy knows his stuff. We have the same tastes.

        2. My list:
          No Reservations
          Secrets of a Restaurant Chef
          Top Chef
          America's Test Kitchen

          And then I honestly can't think of another that's not a rerun.....
          Made in Spain, perhaps?

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          1. re: bostonbroad

            No Reservations
            Simply Ming
            Mexico: One Plate at a Time
            Diary of a Foodie
            Good Eats

            1. re: tofuburrito

              Is Mexico: One Plate at a Time still doing new eps, or just reruns? It doesn't seem to be on at all in my neck of the woods.\

              I will add that I'm very excited about Eric Ripert's upcoming show, Avec Eric, posted about elsewhere. His vlog is very cool, even though he cooks completely in a toaster oven. Can't wait to see what he does with a whole show!

              1. re: bostonbroad

                I think they are new. Here's what it say's at his web site:

                Season Six: Fiesta at Rick's
                For five exciting seasons, the critically acclaimed MEXICO – One Plate at a Time has given public television viewers a taste of the flavors, the people, the stories, and the fun of Mexico. In each episode, beloved chef, restaurateur, author, teacher and culinary adventurer, Rick Bayless, seamlessly weaves techniques, recipes, cultural musings, and a generous helping of off-the-wall surprises to create a whole new kind of cooking show. Now, Frontera Media Productions proudly announces Season 6—Fiesta @ Rick’s—thirteen episodes with a common theme: entertaining.

                But we’re not talking stuffy dinner parties. When Rick says “entertaining,” he means it literally. These shows are great TV that’s delightful to watch. In each episode, Rick presents a start-to-finish, Mexican-inspired party, showing viewers how to pull it all off with plenty of creativity, color and flavor—but without all the stress that usually comes with having people over. At these parties, even the host can join in the fun.

          2. Food TV pretty much equates to Betty Crocker Cooking TV these days. Certain food channels have done everything to marginalize themselves into an abyss of semi30secondaddsugaraskoneingredientcrap.

            However, if you dig around PBS has the Jaques Pepin series, Made in Spain, reruns of Bitterman and a few other mentionables. Too bad Top Chef this year seems to have gone to the unskilled, untrained or inconsistant.

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            1. re: holy chow

              I have to admit to being more than a little off put by the recent Jacques Pepin "More Fast Food My Way." I've only watched a couple of epis, but in both he used stuff like store-bought cookie dough and other such shortcuts. If I denigrate Sandra Lee for such non-cooking (and I do), how much latitude can I give even the awesome Pepin before I'm just being a hypocrite? It's a dilemma.

              1. re: wustof

                Right now I watch
                - No Reservations &
                - Lidia's Italy

                I used to watch Simply Ming too; don't know what happened to him. I really liked his style.

                1. re: ferret

                  Shows I love to watch
                  No Reservations
                  Triple D (Diners Drive ins and Dives)
                  Top Chef
                  Iron Chef
                  Anything with Mario Batali
                  Bizarre Foods
                  And I will get some flack for this but LOVE HELLS KITCHEN!

                  Have only see Man VS Food once, still not sure about that show

                  1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                    In order of my interest:
                    Top Chef
                    Hell's Kitchen
                    No Reservations
                    Iron Chef
                    Bizarre Foods
                    Man v. Food
                    Ultimate Recipe Showdown

                    I tried to get into Chopped but Ted Allen - who I have loved elsewhere - turns me off with how stiff he is as host. This with watching URS!

                    1. re: TampaAurora

                      A few people have mentioned Man v. Food on this thread. I've never seen it - can some give me a feel for it? Thanks in advance.

                      1. re: bostonbroad

                        A little local flavor leading up to a food "stunt" - eat a 4-lb steak in less than an hour, etc. Tends to be repetitive. I don't see a long life for it, but what do I know?

                        1. re: ferret

                          I wonder how long he can go on eating like that and not have a coronary!

                          1. re: libgirl2

                            I'm more worried about his gastrointestinal health but we're on the same thought wave.

                  2. re: bostonbroad

                    I've never seen him use store bought cookie dough, nor anything else store bought besides some odd and unusual pastes. All I've watched him cook was from scratch sauces, soups etc. I have watched him use smoked salmon from a store, but few of us actually smoke our own salmon.

                    I've sorted through his recipes and didn't see any cookie dough... care to enlighten me?


                    1. re: holy chow

                      In both of these episodes his desserts use store bought pastry:

                      Episode 208: The Egg First!
                      Minute Recipe: Red Pepper Dip
                      Jacques loves all eggs, all ways! Cooking them correctly is an important technique, and who better to demonstrate the perfect hard-cooked egg than a master of technique! Jacques begins this menu with hard-cooked eggs used as a garnish for his Asparagus Fans with Mustard Sauce. Simply seared in moments, Scallops Grenobloise is the ultimate fast dish and when served with Potato Gratin with Cream, it makes a rich main course. Jam Tartines with Fruit Sherbet conclude the menu.

                      Episode 209: Fast Proof
                      Minute Recipe: Cheesy Bread Sticks
                      Bread does take time to make, but Jacques shows viewers how to mix and bake a loaf of bread in one pot in his Slow and Easy Bread in a Pot. Next, he shares his favorite eggs prepared in little ramekins and known as Cocotte Eggs with Creamed Mushrooms. When Jacques raids the pantry and freezer, he finds the fixings to make a Ragout of Broccolini, Beans, and Sausage. Fresh berries and a neat twist on store-bought pastry crust end the meal with Cookie Dough Raspberry Tart.

                      1. re: holy chow

                        bostonbroad wrote about the "More Fast Food My Way" series, the recipes for which are here:

                        They don't put up the recipes for every dish he does on the show. And in glancing through both the recipes from "Fast Food My Way" and "More Fast Food..." there are many dishes/recipes I recall as having used store bought prepared or canned ingredients that aren't there. For example, on the episode that aired on PBS here in Virginia on the 7th of February (episode 217), he used a can of pears in syrup. He reduced some of the syrup with apricot jam and butter and warmed the pears in that and served it as dessert. Personally, I don't have any issue with that. I have to admit to being very curious about how those who, as bostonbroad noted, dismiss or otherwise take issue with other cooking show hosts or other cooks for using such prepared ingredients would react to Jaques Pepin doing the same.