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Brussels Sprouts recipe?

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Need to use up some fresh ones tomorrow. We're vegan and I'm gluten-free. We've recently made Brussels Sprouts with carmelized pecans which is great but would like to try them another way.

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  1. I like to half (or quarter if they're large) them, toss with some olive oil, salt and pepper and then roast them. Squeeze a bit of lemon on them when they come out of the oven.

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      Me too; clean off the outer leaves and cut them in half, then oil them and drop into a small amount of oil in a skillet on medium low heat (flat side down) and cover. Cook until tender, sprinkle with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper, then dust with grated Parmesan cheese. Grated Mizithra is good too. Serve immediately. I sometimes prefer to use butter, rather than oil, to improve the flavor but it's difficult to control the browning when using butter - easier using olive oil or vegetable oil.
      Careful no to get them too brown - they are rather unpleasant when too brown.
      It is also possible to use this method and then toss them in a bit of simmered tomato sauce and garlic before grating on the cheese.

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        Serve immediately.....arghhh!


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        Me three. Very easy to do, and absolutely delicious. Roast them in a hot oven (450 degrees) for about 20 minutes, flipping them over halfway through so they get nice and toasty on the outside. Don't overcook them though, if they get mushy, they'll taste funky.

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          Yep, absolutely. A favorite at our house. Easy and delicious, but I agree, don't overcook.

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          +1. Or splash balsamic vinegar instead of lemon. Or a mixture of melted butter and maple syrup. Or nothing. Good stuff.

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            a local place here in KC does them wood-fire roated, with dried cranberries and pecans....tossed in a quick balsamic dressing they are to DIE for.

          2. the following thread has several ideas, plus links to other threads, here are some of the links. these are just a few of the recent threads since around thanksgiving:


            1. This is a terrific recipe I have tried many times from Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, 'The Two Hot Tamales'. I am sure you can substitute Olive Oil for the butter. Even people who think they hate Brussels Sprouts love these:


              1 1/2 lb Brussel sprouts
              1/4 c Butter
              1/2 ts Salt
              1/4 ts Ground white pepper
              2 ts Water
              1 tb Fresh lime juice

              1. In large bowl of cold, salted water, soak brussels sprouts 10 minutes. Drain; trim ends and discard any bitter outside leaves. Cut each sprout in half lengthwise; thinly slice crosswise. In a large skillet, over medium high heat, melt butter. Add sprouts, salt and pepper; over high heat, saute 5 minutes or until sprouts start to brown. Add the water; cook, stirring 2 to 3 minutes, until sprouts are crisp-tender. Stir in lime juice.

              1. Check here:

                These are some of my fall backs:
                -Melted shaved brussels sprouts and leeks (saute shallots, garlic, and thyme in browned earth balance, add shaved brussels and leeks, turn down heat and add a splash of white wine and a squeeze of lemon, season and let it cook for a few. Do not stir fry the sprouts, keep the motion minimal, but do turn them enough to keep them from burning.
                )-Shaved brussels sprouts with toasted hazelnuts, grapefruit, and pomegranate in dressing made from sunflower seed cream: http://www.windattack.com/?p=92
                -Curried brussels sprouts.
                -Maple glazed with chestnuts and sage.
                -Braised with fennel and almond cream.

                1. We ended up making a casserole with Brussels sprout, butternut squash, green beans and carrots.

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                    Yum! What else was in it? I have all those things in the fridge..

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                      Apple juice, raisins, leon juice, Dijon mustard, caraway seeds, brussels sprouts, butternut squash, green beans, carrots, poppy seeds. It's "Roasted brussels sprouts and squash" from New Vegetarian Cuisine by Linda Rosensweig.

                  2. usually i par-boil them, then in a frying pan i fry them in olive oil and a little brown sugar. :) yum!

                    1. I like to shred them and cook in butter, then toss with toasted pine nuts, a little cream and parmesan, optionally with fettucine. Like this: http://orangette.blogspot.com/2007/11... (scroll down for recipe).

                      This is also good: http://orangette.blogspot.com/2005/11...

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                        yes, shredding gives the sprouts a whole new texture than what most people are used to. I usually saute them with bacon or prociutto but for a vegan recipe, olive oil/shallot/balsamic vinegar would be a great alternative.

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                          I have made that also by shredding potatoes and fennel and adding it to the sprouts.

                          Excellent texture.

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                          Thanks for this recipe (the pasta). I made it last night and the hubby went nuts for it... moaning and the whole bit. I did make some additions to the recipe: I made some lardon and sauted some shallots in some of the bacon grease. The bacon stuck to the pan a bit so I degreased the pan with some chicken stock and I didn't have any cream so used whole milk instead. But for the most part, I think I was true to the recipe. So thanks!

                        3. These look wonderful! I made some yesterday, halved, sauteed flat side down in olive oil, then tossed a bit with salt, pepper and Parmesan.

                          Question though - after peeling the outer leaves, how does one keep the rest of them from peeling off. Every time I've made them I've ended up with much smaller Brussels sprouts than I started out!

                          Is it me? Could someone share helpful hints? Or does this happen to everyone and I shouldn't worry about it?

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                            Keep the main end in tact. I trim slightly but keep it in tact, then you can cut and they will not fall apart.

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                              Thank you! I'll be sure to do that next time.

                          2. Shredded is good. I love one with fennel, red potato halfs and crimini mushrooms and sprouts, I cook in chicken broth by vegetable broth is fine, then I add some cream, but I am sure there are alternatives. I don't add much, just enough to thicken, fresh thyme and rosemary. I make it right on the stove. It is great.

                            Shredded with onions an carrots. Mixed and they put in a casserole dish, topped with some broth and bread crumbs, then topped with more vegetables and then more bread crumbs and then cheese but again, I'm sure there are alternatives for you.

                            Braised in white wine, salt and pepper with a dash of red pepper flakes are simple and great.

                            Whole cut up pan seared chicken, sprouts, white wine, vegetable broth, black olives, olive oil, roasted red peppers and fresh tarragon. Served over couscous.

                            My layered casserole with sliced potatoes, sliced sprouts, sliced fennel, sliced sweet potatoes. A mix of bown sugar, vegetable broth, salt and pepper, rosemary poured on the casserole, topped with a mix of walnuts and bread crumbs. If you have a cheese alternative I would use that but not necessary. Bake for 45 minutes.

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                              The potatoes, fennel, and mushrooms one sounds great as does the layered casserole. Thanks. Now I'll have to buy more brussels sprouts.

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                                We have every weekend at the market pretty cheap. I love them. Always in big bins so we can pick and choose. I would die without my sprout fix :)

                            2. didnt see this mentioned but my neighbor/friend makes a stupendous salad of slivered uncooked brussel sprouts with lemon, walnuts, parmesan and olive oil (I think thats it) . It has a very fresh flavor.

                              1. My favorite recipe for Brussels Sprouts comes from the Fruits & Veggies - More Matters website. Brussels Sprouts with Mustard Glaze. You can read it here: http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematter...
                                They have a TON of great recipes on that site!

                                1. Roast 'em with olive oil and kosher salt...and I just made the most delicious Braised Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Bread Crumbs!

                                  1. We love Ina Gartens easy and delicious recipe of oven roasted Brussels Sprouts on a baking sheet. Brings out a real 'nutty' flavor if you will. Calls for coating with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with salt and fresh milled pepper. They pair up great with a steak instead of the usual baked potato.

                                    1. As others have said, roasting is a great way to go. Brussels Sprouts are great with a salty/sweet combo too. I roast them and toss with some dried cranberries and a salty element, which for me is bacon but since you're vegan you could substitute some well salted seitan or another salty ingredient.

                                      1. i usually roast or blanch them whole, or peel apart each of the layers (time consuming!) and sautee with some bacon. last night i tried the shredding method for the first time and sauteed the shreds with some leftover roasted cauliflower, and mixed in some garlic salt, chili oil, toasted breadcrumbs, and pasta. i thought it was pretty tasty!

                                        1. Similar to what others have done, I sauted some minced onion in olive oil, then added brussels (cut in half lenghtwise) cut side down to brown lightly, tossed around, added about 1/3 cup pinot grigio, covered and simmered on low for about 10-15 min. Left cover on but turned heat off while I grilled steak and lobster. Added shredded proscuitto, turned heat back on to med to bring up to temp and replaced lid. Tossed and served. The proscuitto was a great addition and the white wine reduced to nothing, lending a nice sweetness.

                                          1. Reviving this thread to share a delicious dish I made for Easter to accompany our ham etc.
                                            I used Molly Steven's recipe for braised Savoy cabbage with St. Marcelin cheese, except used brussel sprouts instead of the cabbage.
                                            The St. Marcelin cheese adds spectacular flavor.

                                            Basically, I sauteed up and got a bit of color on the halved sprouts along with scallion, then braised with chicken stock, covered in the oven, and finished uncovered with the cheese and bread crumbs at a higher temp.

                                            So, so good, and easy.

                                            1. I'm a fan of this Asian take on Brussels Sprouts (minus the Rice Krispies cause I usually don't have any).


                                              1. I'll add my favorites to this old thread too- i loooovvveee brussel sprouts!

                                                I've actually memorized this recipe now- but! You have to really massage the dressing into the greens and such, and then its much better the next day (and up to 3 days!)

                                                This apple brussel sprouts slaw is a great way to eat raw sprouts:

                                                I used half as much butter (earth balance) for this hash and it was still really great: